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Islamic Family Law In Malaysia
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Islamic Family Law In Malaysia

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Invaluable new and up-to-date resource on Islamic Family Law in Malaysia.
This is a complete and up-to-date textbook on Islamic family law in Malaysia. The topics are carefully surveyed and the discussion is adequately supported by legal sources and religious authorities. The views and practices of the different schools of thought are considered to ensure a comprehensive treatment of the issues that arise. The book also analyses legal reform and explains the principles of Islamic family law as they are applied in the legislation of the various states in Malaysia.
• Written by a team of experienced Islamic family law lecturers from the International Islamic University Malaysia.
• Incorporates the latest amendments to applicable legislation and the rulings contained in all majors cases.
• Contains a wealth of practical and theoretical pointers, combining theory with the practical applications of the law.
• Includes comparative analysis with the law of other countries which practise Shariah law where relevant.
• Discussion is supported by the guidance of Islamic scholar

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