Islamic Family Law In Malaysia

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Islamic Family Law In Malaysia

Author Najibah Mohd Zin, Azizah Mohd, Badruddin Ibrahim, Nora Abdul Hak, Noraini Md Hashim, Norliah Ibrahim, Normi Abdul Malek, Roslina Che Soh @ Yusoff
Publication Date Apr 2016
ISBN 9789670915487
Format Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

This textbook on Malaysian Islamic family law is comprehensive and current. The subjects are thoroughly examined, and both legal and religious authorities provide sufficient justification for the discussion. To ensure a thorough examination of the topics raised, the beliefs and methods of the various schools of thought are taken into account. Additionally, the book analyses legal reform and discusses how Islamic family law concepts are implemented in Malaysia's numerous state laws.


  • authored by a group of knowledgeable instructors in Islamic family law from the International Islamic University Malaysia.
  • incorporates the most recent changes to the relevant laws as well as the decisions made in all significant cases.
  • combines legal theory with actual applications of the law to provide a plethora of both practical and theoretical pointers.
  • includes, where pertinent, a comparison of the law to that of other nations that apply Shariah.
  • The advice of Islamic scholars is used to assist discussion.
ISBN: 9789670915487

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