Istilah Undang-undang, 7th Edition | 2024


Istilah Undang-undang, 7th Edition

Author Thomson Reuters Legal Editors
Publication Date May 2024
ISBN 9786297527796
Soft Cover , 582 pp
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Since the enactment of the National Language Acts in 1963/67, a significant array of legal language in Malay has become commonplace in Malaysian courts. Additionally, with the rapid growth of Islamic banking, finance, and Shariah Law, Arabic terms have been extensively used in legal documentation.

This updated edition of Istilah Undang-undang includes new Malay and English terms, ensuring its relevance for legal professionals, academics, students, and court officials. Many of these new terms are sourced from recent legislation, reflecting contemporary legal terminology. The precise translation of legal terms between English and Malay, as well as the comprehension of Arabic terms used in Islamic banking, family law, and criminal procedure, are facilitated by this resource.

This edition also incorporates terms from taxation and revenue law, broadening its coverage.

Continuous editorial efforts have been made since the last edition eight years ago to refine or update translations according to authoritative legal sources. A dedicated section on Arabic terms provides translations or explanations in English.

This resource is beneficial for various legal roles:

  • Litigators can use it for drafting affidavits and presenting arguments in court.
  • Solicitors can refer to it for drafting legal documents and agreements.
  • Corporate lawyers can utilize it for commercial contract preparation.
  • Judges can rely on it for writing judgments.
  • Academics can find it useful for explaining legal concepts and terminologies.
  • Law students can use it as a study aid.
  • Court officials can apply it in their daily administrative tasks.

Contents of Istilah Undang-undang, 7th Edition | 2024:

  1. English – Malay Terms
  2. Malay – English Terms
  3. Arabic – English Terms 
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ISBN: 9786297527796

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