Jeffrey Pinsler SC : Principles of Civil Procedure


Jeffrey Pinsler SC : Principles of Civil Procedure 

Author Jeffrey Pinsler SC
Publication Date 2013
ISBN 9789810745059
Publisher Academy Publishing 


The case law that is constantly growing as well as the norms of civil procedure are examined in this book within the framework of properly thought-out, fundamental concepts. This innovative method aims to foster a thorough and in-depth comprehension of procedure. The reader will be able to develop a fundamental understanding of the components of civil procedure through the use of Principles of Civil Procedure on every level. It will help attorneys understand complex procedural issues and give them strong arguments that they can employ in nearly every dispute. Civil procedure is more than just a set of regulations. Rules are only one aspect of the topic. Understanding the goals of the rules and how they relate to the goals of litigation is the only way to truly comprehend civil procedure.

This book is entitled “Principles of Civil Procedure” because of its focus on the building blocks of this subject. These principles have been formulated “top-down” through four interlinking levels. The overarching principle, which is the core principle for Part I, is also the source of the nine core principles of Parts II to X. All the core principles of Parts I to X flow into the chapter principles (within each of the ten parts) which in turn become the tributaries that are the subsidiary principles for each chapter. The book attempts to give a clear explanation of civil practise in the courts in addition to looking at the principles, analysing the relevant legal sources, and creating jurisprudence. This book will be very helpful to attorneys as they prepare and present their cases in interlocutory proceedings, at trial, and on appeal.

Table Of Contents

Part I   Introduction: Landscape and Priorities of Civil Justice
Chapter 1     Introduction
Chapter 2     Approaches and Options in Dispute Resolution

Part II   Commencement of Proceedings, the Defendant's Response and Initial Considerations
Chapter 3     Commencement of Proceedings
Chapter 4     Service of Originating Process and Other Documents in Singapore
Chapter 5     Service of Originating Processes and Documents Out of Singapore
Chapter 6     Appearance
Chapter 7     Parties in Litigation

Part III   Early Termination by Assault and Default
Chapter 8     Summary Judgment
Chapter 9     Striking Out Proceedings
Chapter 10   Setting Aside Judgments in Default of Appearance and Defence
Chapter 11   Withdrawal and Discontinuance

Part IV   Interlocutory Injunctions and Orders Affecting Property
Chapter 12   Interim Injunctions and Payments
Chapter 13   Protective Orders Securing Assets for Potential Judgment
Chapter 14   Protective Orders Affecting Evidence and Property

Part V   Pleadings
Chapter 15   General Principles of Pleadings
Chapter 16   Drafting Pleadings

Part VI   Disclosure and Production of Evidence and Information
Chapter 17   Disclosure and Production of Documents
Chapter 18   Disclosure and Production of Other Information

Part VII   Later Interlocutory Phases and Trial
Chapter 19   Preparation for Trial
Chapter 20   Proceedings at Trial

Part VIII   Judgments, Orders and their Enforcement
Chapter 21   Judgments and Orders
Chapter 22   Enforcement of Judgments and Orders
Chapter 23   Enforcement of Foreign Judgments and Singapore Judgments Abroad

Part IX   Appeals, Judicial Review and Constitutional Issues
Chapter 24   Appeals
Chapter 25   Judicial Review and Constitutional Issues

Part X   Costs
Chapter 26   Costs
Chapter 27   Security for Costs


Author : 

At the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Law, Jeffrey Pinsler teaches legal theory and practise. His areas of expertise include civil justice, criminal and civil evidence, procedure, and ethics. He holds the titles of barrister-at-law, advocate, solicitor, and fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators. He also serves as the Singapore Mediation Centre's principal mediator and is a member of numerous professional committees for judicial and governmental organisations, including the Singapore Academy of Law and the Supreme Court of Singapore. He has testified as an amicus curiae before the Court of Appeal and spoken at conferences and reform initiatives around the world. For his services to education, he received the Doctor of Laws (LLD) title in 2004. He was named Senior Counsel in 2008. A Senior Professorial Fellow at the Singapore Institute of Legal Education, he also holds this position.

He is a well-known writer in the areas of ethics, civil process, and evidence. In his position as a writer and/or general editor, he has created 16 significant volumes and several articles, many of which are regarded as vital references by practitioners and are frequently cited by courts.


ISBN: 9789810745059

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