Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 6th Edition (Indian Reprint) by Lewis | 2023

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Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 6th Edition (Indian Reprint) by Lewis | 2023

Author  Lewis
Publication Date  2023
ISBN  9789395696487
Publisher  Sweet & Maxwell

Judicial Remedies in Public Law offers comprehensive coverage of the entire spectrum of legal remedies accessible to litigants in public law cases, ranging from common options like judicial review to rarer ones such as habeas corpus. The book's objectives are as follows:

  • Empower practitioners to offer confident advice and make informed decisions.
  • Equip legal specialists, especially those in the legal profession, to address intricate issues and stay abreast of evolving case law developments.
  • Provide lawyers working in both central and local government with authoritative and up-to-date insights into judicial review, essential for advising both defendants and claimants.
  • Serve as the primary reference source for academics, encompassing all facets of judicial review within the rapidly changing landscape of administrative justice.


Key Features of Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 6th Edition (Indian Reprint) | 2023:

  • This resource offers a thorough and all-encompassing guide to the legal solutions accessible to individuals involved in public law cases. It covers a wide spectrum of remedies, including the commonly employed ones like judicial review, remedies available under the Human Rights Act 1998 for violations of Convention rights, and less frequently utilized options such as habeas corpus.
  • Addresses the present extent, processes, and application of judicial review and various other remedies within the realm of public law.
  • The introductory portions examine the scenarios under which judicial review can be pursued, followed by subsequent chapters that delve into the legal outcomes resulting from a successful judicial review petition.
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the complete spectrum of available remedies, encompassing prerogative remedies, declaratory relief (clarifying legal positions and rights of parties), injunctions (used to prevent unlawful actions by public bodies exceeding their statutory public law powers), and habeas corpus.
  • Comprehensively addresses the processes involved in initiating a judicial review claim under both the Civil Procedure Rules and the Human Rights Act 1998.
  • Incorporates an examination and evaluation of alterations in public law and legal remedies brought about by the United Kingdom's exit from the European Union, along with an analysis of the implications of the European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018.
  • The book addresses modifications in how things are done and the steps to follow, specifically concerning regulations governing time limits, cost capping orders, cross-examination, and the process of disclosing information.
  • Offers an examination of the extent of the court's authority to decline to grant remedies.
  • Covers alterations related to appeals and statutory requests in the realm of planning.
  • Throughout the book, you will find an in-depth and exhaustive legal analysis presented in an easily understandable manner.
  • The book takes a pragmatic approach to its subject matter, offering a step-by-step overview of the pertinent procedures, providing guidance to readers at every stage. It is authored by a Court of Appeal Judge who is widely recognized as a leading expert in administrative law and judicial review. Before serving as a judge, the author had a distinguished career as a legal practitioner, achieving Queen's Counsel status in 2006. Prior to entering practice, the author also held an academic position in law.
  • The commentary provided is authoritative and can be trusted for its precision and expertise.

Table of Contents of Judicial Remedies in Public Law, 6th Edition (Indian Reprint) | 2023 :

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2: The Availability of Judicial review
Chapter 3: Choice of Forum and the Exclusivity of Judicial review Proceedings in Public Law
Chapter 4: Judicially Reviewable Acts and Omissions
Chapter 5: Invalidity, Partial Invalidity and Severance
Chapter 6: The Prerogative Remedies: Quashing Orders, Prohibiting Orders and Mandatory Orders
Chapter 7: Declarations
Chapter 8: Injunctions
Chapter 9: Machinery of Judicial Review
Chapter 10: Judicial review and the Upper Tribunal
Chapter 11: Standing
Chapter 12: The Discretion of the Court to Refuse a Remedy and the Exclusion of Judicial Review
Chapter 13: Habeas Corpus
Chapter 14: Appeals and Statutory Applications
Chapter 15: Damages and the Principles Governing Public Authority Liability
Chapter 16: Remedies under the Human Rights Act 1998
Chapter 17: Remedies, European Union Law and the National Courts


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