Keating on Construction Contracts & 2nd Supplement, 11th Ed | 2022 *


Keating on Construction Contracts & 2nd Supplement | 11th Edition

Author Piers Stansfield, QC; The Hon Sir Vivian Ramsey; Simon Hughes, QC
Publication Date Oct 2022
ISBN 9780414101982
Format Hardback Mainwork + Paperback 2nd Supplement
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

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A standard text on building law Keating on Construction Contracts is a good place to start if you're looking for information on the development of building contracts, their guiding principles, how they're used in practise, and how the courts interpret them. The title is renowned for its approachable manner, solid authority, and coverage of all pertinent statutes, case law, EC law, FIDIC, NEC3, JCT Forms of Contracts, and ICE Conditions of Contract.

The book presents in-depth practical help in a clear manner, discussing legal principles, analysing judicial decisions, questioning standard forms, and interpreting legislation. It is written for solicitors, barristers, and construction professionals and offers detailed and authoritative commentary on all issues relating to construction contracts.

Recent cases and laws are updated in the second supplement to the 11th edition of the book, which includes:

  • includes updates to the public procurement law
  • a thorough analysis of the key modifications made by the Building Safety Act;
  • the ruling concerning the recovery of liquidated damages in termination situations in Triple Point Technology v. PTT;
  • based on financial pressure, Times Travel v. Pakistan International Airlines;
  • Khan v. Meadows, which addressed the extent of the duty of care, and Tinkler v. Revenue and Custom Commissioners, which addressed estoppel by custom.
  • Court of Appeal rulings on issues like whether a collateral contract qualifies as a "construction contract" for HGCRA purposes, how to credit gains made by an innocent party against damages, how to calculate damages in light of subsequent events, how to prove cases through sampling and extrapolation, how to accept expert testimony, and how to recover mediation costs.

Table of Contents of Keating on Construction Contracts & 2nd Supplement, 11th Ed

  • Chapter 1 The Nature of a Construction Contract
  • Chapter 2 Formation of Contract
  • Chapter 3 Construction of Contracts
  • Chapter 4 The Right to Payment and Varied Work
  • Chapter 5 Employer’s Approval and Architect’s Certificates
  • Chapter 6 Excuses for Non-performance
  • Chapter 7 Negligence, Economic Loss, Liability to Third Parties and Nuisance
  • Chapter 8 Delay and Disruption Claims
  • Chapter 9 Financial Recovery and Causation
  • Chapter 10 Liquidated Damages and Penalties
  • Chapter 11 Default of the Parties ¬– Various Matters
  • Chapter 12 Various Equitable Doctrines and Remedies
  • Chapter 13 Assignments, Substituted Contracts and Sub-contracts
  • Chapter 14 Architects, Engineers and Surveyors
  • Chapter 15 Public Procurement
  • Chapter 16 Various Legislation
  • Chapter 17 Arbitration
  • Chapter 18 The Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996
  • Chapter 19 Litigation
  • Chapter 20 Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Chapter 21 The JCT Standard Form of Building Contract (2011 EDN)
  • Chapter 22 The Infrastructure Conditions of Contract, 2014 EDN
  • Chapter 23 NEC3 Contract
  • Chapter 24 The FIDIC Standard Forms
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ISBN: 9780414101982

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