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Keating On Offshore Construction And Marine Engineering Contracts

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Keating On Offshore Construction And Marine Engineering Contracts By Adam Constable; Keating Chambers

Author Adam Constable; Keating Chambers
Publication Date Nov, 2020
ISBN 9780414065581
Hardcover + Ebook

Keating on Offshore Construction and Marine Engineering Contracts provides in-depth guidance on the agreements involved in the construction of ships, rigs and other offshore vessels and structures.
It will equip marine construction lawyers with a one-stop reference on all aspects of the modern shipbuilding and offshore engineering contracts and for dealing effectively with the problems that may arise. Written by a team of expert practitioners from Keating Chambers, the book:
• Examines the main standard form agreements used in marine construction, including the SAJ, BIMCO, the Norwegian 2000, AWES as well as LOGIC and FIDIC
• Looks at the documents required for creation of a marine construction contract e.g specifications, drawings, programmes of work
• Discusses the general rules of formation and construction of offshore construction contracts, including commonly found implied terms and limitation clauses
• Covers Changes to contract terms and considerations that need to be made from contractor and buyers perspectives
• Covers Changes to contract terms, and differences in approach between standard shipbuilding and engineering contracts
• Analyses in detail all the issues surrounding Time in contracts, the obligations, delay and extensions
• Looks at Payment, including potential extra payments, permissible delay and damages
• Considers the rights and obligations of parties following contractual or common law termination
• Deal with guarantees, bonds and insurance
• Covers the dispute resolution frameworks used in international shipbuilding contracts, including litigation in the Commercial or Technology and Construction Court, and ADR
• Examines the growing influence of land based construction case law, and provides in-depth commentary of relevant authorities



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