Kerr & Hunter on Receivers & Administrators | 21st Edition


Kerr & Hunter on Receivers & Administrators | 21st Edition by Pete Walton 

Author Pete Walton
Publication Date  July, 2021
ISBN 9780414074156
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Description of Kerr & Hunter on Receivers & Administrators | 21st Edition : 

First published 150 years ago in 1869, the fully updated 21st edition of Kerr & Hunter on Receivership and Administration is the definitive guide to the legislative principles and caselaw that underpin these important areas. Covering both corporate and personal insolvency the book considers the duties, and responsibilities of both administrators and receivers. It also explains when and why they are appointed, and whether appointed outside court or not. The author team takes the reader through all elements of receivership, administration, and administrative receivership, to enable practitioner to advise whatever the market.
  • Considers appointment out of court and emergency procedures
  • Describes the duties of office holders and their relationship with the company and its staff
  • Considers developments in relation to the ‘prescribed part’ for the unsecured creditors in receivership and administration
  • Provides a comprehensive overview of taxation in receivership and administration
  • Guides reader through impact of new legislative developments and reflects the latest rulings from both UK and EU courts, with references from other jurisdictions where relevant.
  • Covers both corporate and personal insolvency and also includes a chapter on cross-border insolvency
  • Gives content and material on the recast European Insolvency Regulation at the time of Brexit
  • Illustrates potential judicial conflicts within the practice area of administration 

Table Of Contents of Kerr & Hunter on Receivers & Administrators | 21st Edition : 

Part I: The Appointment Of Receivers By The Court In
England And Wales;

  • Principles On Which A Receiver Is Appointed By The Court; Overwhat Property A Receiver May Be Appointed;
  • Who May Be Appointed A Receiver; Modes Of Appointing A Receiver Of The Court;
  • In What Cases A Receiver Will Be Appointed;

Part II: The Structure And Practice Of Court-Appointed Receiverships In England And Wales;

  • Effect Of Appointment Of A Receiver;
  • Powers And Duties Of A Receiver;
  • Liabilities Of A Receiver; Managers;
  • Remuneration And Expenses Of A Receiver;
  • Receiver’s Accounts;
  • Discharge Of A Receiver;
  • Liabilities And Rights Of Receiver’s Sureties;

Part III: Receivers Appointed Out Of Court;

  • Receivers Appointed Under An Agreement, Including Fixed Charge Receivers;
  • Receivers Appointed Under Statutory Powers;
  • Receivers Appointed Over Property Of A Company (Other Than Administrative Receivers);
  • Appointment, Status And Powers Of An Administrative;

Part IV: Administration; Administrators:

  • Judicially And Extra-Judicially Appointed;
  • The Administrator In Office;
  • Conversion From Administration Into Other Forms Of Proceeding;
  • Ending Administration;

Part V: Taxation; The Taxation Of Receivers And Administrators;

  • Taxation;

Part VI: Cross-Border Proceedings;

  • The Eu Regulations On Insolvency Proceedings And The Cross-Border Insolvency Regulations 2006 
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ISBN: 9780414074156

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