Law of Banker and Customer, 6th Edition by Poh Chu Chai | Ebook

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Law of Banker and Customer, 6th Edition

Author Poh Chu Chai
Publication Date 02 August, 2016
ISBN 9789814753951
Publisher LexisNexis


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Since the release of the 5th edition more than 12 years ago, several new decisions from Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom have been incorporated into this updated edition.

It contains comprehensive factual treatment of all significant banker and consumer instances in a single volume. Law of Banker and Customer, 6th Edition, like previous editions, will be a valuable resource for both banking professionals and law students.

Dr Poh Chu Chai
This book is written by a well-known author whose books have been mentioned by Singapore and Malaysian courts in over 113 instances, including the Singapore and Malaysian Courts of Appeal.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Law of Banker and Customer, 6th Edition

Chapter 1: The Bank and Its Customer
Chapter 2: Banker and Customer Relationship
Chapter 3: Types of Accounts
Chapter 4: Joint Bank Accounts
Chapter 5: Customer’s Mandate
Chapter 6: Making Payment
Chapter 7: Events Affecting Banker’s Mandate
Chapter 8: Mareva Injunction
Chapter 9: Banker’s Duty of Confidentiality
Chapter 10: Banker’s References and Advice
Chapter 11: Banker’s Right of Lien and Right of Set-off
Chapter 12: Recovery of Payments
Chapter 13: Paying Banker
Chapter 14: Collecting Banker

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