Law of Dishonour of Cheques by Dr Rajesh Gupta & Prof Gunjan Gupta, 5th Edition 2019

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Law of Dishonour of Cheques by Dr Rajesh Gupta & Prof Gunjan Gupta, 5th Edition

Author Dr Rajesh Gupta and Prof Gunjan Gupta
Publication Date 2019
ISBN 9789388548311
Format Hardcover
Publisher LexisNexis


A section-by-section commentary that provides an in-depth examination of the law of cheque dishonour. The work covers everything from providing an overview of the legislation relating to Negotiable Instruments to focusing on new difficulties and current legislative developments in the area of check dishonour.
The power of the trial and appellate courts to order interim compensation and the cheques issued against black money have undergone significant alterations. At suitable points in the book, these developments have been referenced to and examined in length. Important judgements by India's supreme courts that have either changed the course of legal principles or shed fresh light on existing principles have been extensively reviewed.
Key Features of Law of Dishonour of Cheques:
  • A critical analysis of current events as well as legislative changes.
  • The law governing interim compensation and black money has been thoroughly explored.
  • Since the last publication, there have been changes in the legislation relating to cheque dishonour.
  • The author shows how the law relating to cheque dishonour interacts with analogous provisions in the Indian Penal Code, Code of Civil Procedure, and Consumer Protection Act.
  • It includes a critical analysis of Indian court decisions that have resulted in legal change and progress.
About the Author  of Dishonour of Cheques
Dr. Rajesh Gupta received all of his degrees from the University of Delhi, from bachelor's to doctorate, and has worked in the Delhi High Court for more than two decades. During his career, Dr. Gupta has handled numerous cases involving sensitive subjects, including historic Public Interest Litigations. Dr. Gupta's credentials as an academician, scholar, and researcher include at least a half-dozen books authored by him and possibly another half-dozen books revised by him, as well as extensive editorial work, all of which have been published and forwarded by legal luminaries, including Supreme Court Judges. Dr. Rajesh Gupta has also authored over 100 articles that have appeared in reputable Indian law publications.

Prof. Gunjan Gupta -is a Delhi University product who has been teaching in the same Delhi University Faculty of Law for the past 17 years without a break since completing her academic qualifications. Prof. Gupta earned her doctorate in the law of cheque dishonour. Prof. Gupta is also a prolific author, with multiple law books and essays in major law publications to her credit. She has been giving lectures in the courts of law on Negotiable Instruments and Law of Evidence, which include substantive issues such as 'Law of Notices' and 'Law of Evidence with Special Contrast to Proof of Electronic Records.'

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ISBN: 9789388548311

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