Laws Governing Clinical Practice In Malaysia


Laws Governing Clinical Practice In Malaysia by Kulenthran Arumugam

Author Professor Kulenthran Arumugam
Publication Date Sep 2018
ISBN 9789672187271
Soft Cover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Laws Governing Clinical Practice was written primarily for Malaysian medical professionals. It is written in a straightforward manner for readers without a legal background. Regular references to relevant legislation, such as the Medical Act 1971, the Medical Regulations 2017, and the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016, are made throughout the text to help readers understand the legal framework that governs clinical practise in Malaysia. Guidelines such as the Malaysian Medical Council's Code of Professional Conduct are also included.

Each chapter of this book begins with a learning aim to ensure that the reader has a thorough comprehension of the material presented. The book opens with an overview of the Malaysian legal system in general. It then goes on to talk about the laws that govern the medical profession and how the law of negligence applies to medical treatment. This book also covers aspects of medical practise that may expose doctors to criminal culpability, including gross negligence, abortion, assisted suicide, and euthanasia. Consent, rejection of consent, advance directives, organ donation, and organ transplantation are all discussed. The related issues of medical reports, expert opinion, and death certification are discussed to round out the book's multifaceted covering.

This book was authored by an author who has a unique background as a physician, a medical professor, and a law graduate. The author presents an incredibly informative explanation of the regulations that regulate clinical practise in Malaysia, drawing on this unique blend of skills and expertise. It is completely up to date, taking into account the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012, which went into effect in July 2017. This book is appropriate for medical professionals who have worked in the field for several years as well as those who are just starting out. Medical professionals should have this book handy for quick reference.
KEY FEATURES of Laws Governing Clinical Practice In Malaysia:
  • Written in plain English so that medical professionals can understand it.
  • Case law from various countries is included for reference.
  • There are specific references to applicable regulations and guidelines for medical professionals.
  • The objectives of each chapter are mentioned explicitly at the beginning of each chapter to aid understanding of its material.

CONTENTS of Laws Governing Clinical Practice In Malaysia:

  1. The Malaysian Legal System
  2. The Right to Practise
  3. Professional Misconduct
  4. Confidentiality and the Consequences of its Breach
  5. Professional Liability in Tort
  6. Criminal Liability in Medical Practice
  7. Consent
  8. Refusal of Consent to "Necessary" Treatment
  9. Organ Donation and Organ Transplant
  10. Medical Reports and Expert Opinion
  11. Certification of Death

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