Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166), Rules & Orders [As At 1st September 2023]

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Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166),

Rules & Orders

[As At 1st September 2023]


An Act to consolidate the law relating to the legal profession in Malaysia.

Detailed Contents Of Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166) :

The Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166) is a Malaysian law that regulates the legal profession in Malaysia. It establishes the Malaysian Bar, sets out the qualifications required for admission to the Bar, and outlines the duties and responsibilities of legal practitioners in the country.

Below are some key provisions of the Legal Profession Act 1976:

  1. Establishment of the Malaysian Bar: The Act establishes the Malaysian Bar as the official body representing lawyers in Malaysia. The Bar is responsible for regulating the conduct of lawyers and maintaining professional standards in the legal profession.

  2. Admission to the Bar: The Act sets out the requirements for admission to the Bar. These include completion of a recognized law degree or equivalent, completion of a period of pupillage (apprenticeship) with a qualified legal practitioner, passing the relevant examinations, and meeting the character and fitness requirements.

  3. Regulation of legal practitioners: The Act provides for the regulation of legal practitioners in Malaysia. The Bar Council is responsible for enforcing professional standards and disciplining lawyers who breach them.

  4. Professional conduct: The Act sets out the professional standards expected of legal practitioners in Malaysia. These include ethical conduct, maintaining client confidentiality, avoiding conflicts of interest, and acting in the best interests of clients.

  5. Disciplinary proceedings: The Act provides for disciplinary proceedings against legal practitioners who breach professional standards. The Bar Council has the power to investigate complaints against lawyers and, if necessary, refer them to a disciplinary tribunal for further action.

  6. Advocates and solicitors: The Act distinguishes between advocates (lawyers who appear in court) and solicitors (lawyers who provide legal advice and services but do not appear in court).

  7. Foreign lawyers: The Act sets out the requirements for foreign lawyers who wish to practice law in Malaysia. They must be admitted to the Bar in their home jurisdiction and meet certain other criteria.

  8. Legal aid: The Act provides for legal aid to be provided to those who cannot afford legal representation.

Overall, the Legal Profession Act 1976 is an important piece of legislation that sets out the framework for the regulation of the legal profession in Malaysia. It ensures that lawyers in the country are held to high professional standards and that clients can expect a certain level of service and ethical conduct from their legal representatives.

Legal Profession Act 1976 Contains:

Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166)
Advocates and Solicitors (Disciplinary Enquiry) Procedure Rules 1970
Advocates and Solicitors (Issue of Sijil Annual) Rules 1978
Legal Profession (Practice and Etiquette) Rules 1978
Advocates and Solicitors’ Compensation Fund Rules 1978
Legal Profession (Articled Clerks) Rules 1979
Bahasa Malaysia Qualifying Examination (Qualified Persons) Fees Rules 1984
Solicitors’ Account Rules 1990
Accountant’s Report Rules 1990
Solicitors’ Accounts (Deposit Interest) Rules 1990
Legal Profession (Professional Liability) (Insurance) Rules 1992
Notification under Section 3
Prescribed Forms under Section 15
Legal Profession (Disciplinary Proceedings) (Appeal) Rules 1994
Legal Profession (Disciplinary Board) (Procedure) Rules 1994
Legal Profession (Discipline Fund) Rules 1994
Fees Prescribed Pursuant to Section 140
Fees (Special Admission Certificates and Certificates of Renewal) Order 1999
Legal Profession (Publicity) Rules 2001
Solicitors’ Remuneration (Multi-Currency Trade Finance and Indirect Exporter Financing Schemes) Order 2006
Legal Profession (Licensing of International Partnerships and Qualified Foreign Law Firms and Registration of Foreign Lawyers) Rules 2014
Solicitors’ Remuneration (Enforcement) Rules 2016
Legal Profession (Disciplinary Proceedings) Rules 2017
Legal Profession (Group Law Practice) Rules 2018
Solicitors’ Remuneration Order 2023

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