Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166) CLP Series (As At 10th May 2019)

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Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166)


(AS AT 10TH MAY 2019) 

Detailed Contents Of Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166) :

The Legal Profession Act 1976 (Act 166) is a Malaysian law that regulates the legal profession in the country. The Act outlines the qualifications, rights, and duties of lawyers and advocates, as well as the powers of the Bar Council, which is the governing body of the legal profession in Malaysia.

Here is a breakdown of the key provisions of the Legal Profession Act 1976:

  1. Qualifications for admission to the Bar: Under the Act, a person who wishes to be admitted as an advocate and solicitor in Malaysia must possess a law degree from a recognized institution and have completed a period of pupillage (apprenticeship) under a qualified legal practitioner.

  2. Powers and functions of the Bar Council: The Bar Council is responsible for regulating the conduct of advocates and solicitors, and for protecting the interests of the legal profession and the public. The Council has the power to investigate complaints against lawyers, to discipline errant lawyers, and to make rules and regulations governing the legal profession.

  3. Disciplinary proceedings: The Act provides for disciplinary proceedings against lawyers who have been found to have breached the rules of professional conduct. Disciplinary proceedings may result in sanctions such as fines, suspension, or even disbarment (striking a lawyer's name from the roll of advocates and solicitors).

  4. Professional conduct and ethics: The Act sets out the rules of professional conduct and ethics that lawyers are expected to follow. These include a duty to act with integrity and honesty, to maintain client confidentiality, and to avoid conflicts of interest.

  5. Legal aid: The Act provides for the establishment of the Legal Aid Bureau, which provides legal representation to indigent persons who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.

  6. Foreign lawyers: The Act allows for the admission of foreign lawyers to practice in Malaysia, subject to certain conditions and restrictions.

  7. Fees: The Act regulates the fees that lawyers may charge for their services. The Act provides that the fees must be reasonable and proportionate to the work done.

Overall, the Legal Profession Act 1976 plays a crucial role in regulating the legal profession in Malaysia, ensuring that lawyers and advocates adhere to high ethical and professional standards, and protecting the rights and interests of the public

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