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LexisNexis Essential Reference - Environmental Quality (E-Book)

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LexisNexis Essential Reference - Environmental Quality (E-Book) By Lexis Nexis 

 Author Lexis Nexis 
Publication Date 2016
ISBN 9789674006488


The destruction of the environment is an ongoing global problem. In Malaysia, with the rapid increase of development, comes desolation of the environment. Malaysia has had environmentally-related legislation since the early 1920s. Despite that, legislation relating to the environment is still limited in scope and is insufficient for handling current environmental problems which are more complex in nature. The Environmental Quality Act 1974 was brought into force to address, prevent and control, pollution and environmental quality. The Act is necessary to curb soaring environmental problems that occur as a result of the rapid advancement of technology and modern industries. On top of that, the Act is also essential for the preservation and conservation of environmental sustainability. This publication provides a contemporary overview of this rapidly expanding field of law and offers a clear overview of the legislation that governs environmental issues and seeks to explain the legal approach adopted by the court and relevant agencies. The publication includes: Commentaries on defining specific terms within the Act The commentaries also cross-refer to local and international cases Relevant local and international legislation Summary of recent capital markets and services cases


Table of Cases

Table of Contents

Table of Cases

Table of Legislation

Table of Subsidiary Legislation

Table of Foreign Legislation

Table of Rules of Court

Environmental Quality Act 1974

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