LexisNexis Essential Reference - Environmental Quality (E-Book)

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LexisNexis Essential Reference - Environmental Quality (E-Book)

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The deterioration of the environment is a worldwide issue. The rapid expansion of industrialization in Malaysia has resulted in environmental degradation. Since the early 1920s, Malaysia has had environmental regulations. Despite this, environmental regulation remains restricted in scope and insufficient to address today's more complicated environmental issues. To address, prevent, and control pollution and environmental quality, the Environmental Quality Act of 1974 was enacted. The Act is required to address the escalating environmental issues that have arisen as a result of rapid technological innovation and modern industry.

Furthermore, the Act is necessary for environmental sustainability preservation and conservation. This book provides a current overview of this rapidly growing topic of law, including a clear outline of the legislation that governs environmental issues and an explanation of the legal approach taken by the courts and associated agencies. The following items are included in the publication: Commentaries on the Act's definitions of particular terms Local and international cases are also mentioned in the remarks. Local and international legislation that is relevant Recent capital markets and services cases in summary.

CONTENTS of LexisNexis Essential Reference - Environmental Quality (E-Book)

-Table of Cases
-Table of Contents
-Table of Cases
-Table of Legislation
-Table of Subsidiary Legislation
-Table of Foreign Legislation
-Table of Rules of Court
-Environmental Quality Act 1974
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