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LexisNexis Guide to Litigation - Criminal Procedure Code (E-book)

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LexisNexis Guide to Litigation - Criminal Procedure Code (E-book) By Lexis Nexis 

 Author Lexis Nexis 
Publication Date 2015
ISBN 9789674005412


The LexisNexis Guide to Litigation series is a specially designed reference series for litigation lawyers, prosecutors and the judiciary. This series provides in depth commentaries of each provision of the relevant Acts.

This book contains the full text of the Criminal Procedure Code, accompanied by an in-depth analysis of each provision of the legislation, as well as references to cases and relevant foreign legislation. It also provides the historical notes on the developments to the law. This book is a crucial legislative tool for defence lawyers, prosecutors, law students, and the judiciary.

Key Features

• Full text of the legislation

• History notes of all amendments

• Comprehensive analysis to each provision of the Act

• Specific cross jurisdictional case references and legislations

• Relevant subsidiary legislation (where applicable)


Table of cases

Table of legislation

Table of subsidiary legislation

Table of foreign legislation

Criminal Procedure Code


Provisions as to criminal courts

General provisions

Prevention of offences

Information to police and their powers to investigate

Proceeding in prosecutions

Appeal and revision

Special proceedings

Supplementary provisions

First schedule-Tabular statement of offences under the penal code

Second schedule-Forms

Forth Schedule- Procedure on body search



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