Limitation Periods, 8th Edition

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Limitation Periods, 8th Edition

Author Andrew McGee
Publication Date June 2018
ISBN 9780414068322
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Professor Andrew McGee's Limitation Periods, now in its eighth edition, is a well-known and authoritative text. Professor McGee guides practitioners through the difficulties of limitations law, providing extensive assistance in all aspects of the law, from preliminary issues to procedures.

The book is intended to assist in bringing an action in a timely manner and avoiding delays that could result in a strikeout. The book discusses European and worldwide restrictions.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Limitation Periods, 8th Edition

Chapter 1, Definition, background and policy
Chapter 2, The running and expiry of time
Chapter 3, The relevance of the remedy
Chapter 4, Categorisation
Chapter 5, Actions founded on tort
Chapter 6, The Latent Damage Act 1986
Chapter 7, The Consumer Protection Act 1986
Chapter 8, Personal injuries and defamation
Chapter 9, Judicial review and other Crown proceedings
Chapter 10, Accrual of cause of action in contract
Chapter 11, Actions to recover sums due under statute
Chapter 12, Personal property
Chapter 13, Real property
Chapter 14, Trustees and personal representatives
Chapter 15, Contribution
Chapter 16, Arbitration
Chapter 17, Miscellaneous cases
Chapter 18, Acknowledgment and part-payment
Chapter 19, Disability
Chapter 20, Fraud, concealment and mistake
Chapter 21, Pleading questions
Chapter 22, Procedural delays
Chapter 23, General
Chapter 24, The Merchant Shipping Act 1984
Chapter 25, The Foreign Limitation Periods Act 1984
Chapter 26, The Carriage Statutes
Chapter 27, Other Statutes
Chapter 28, European Law

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