Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time in Construction Contracts

Liquidated Damages and Extensions of Time in Construction Contracts

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By Brian Eggleston 

Black Well Scientific Publications 

Commercial pressures in recent years have placed new emphasis on the provisions for liquidated damages and extensions of time to be found in all standard forms of construction contracts.

Times for completion have shortened, levels of liquidated damages has disappeared.

A surge of cases in the courts reflects the increase in disputes on liquidates damages and extensions of time, and the legal rulings which have emerged show the need for all those involved in the financial management or contract administration of construction projects to be fully informed on the subject.

this book covers in detail the legal principles on liquidation damages and extensions of time and the effects and implications of recent judgments, and examines in depth the relevant clauses of the current standard forms of building and civil engineering contracts.

Particular attention is given to the pitfalls to be avoided in settings level of liquidation damages,

to the procedures which must be followed by architects, engineers and contracts supervisors in granting extensions of time, and to clarifying the many misunderstanding on time and damages which abound in the construction industry.