Lord Denning: What next in the Law


Lord Denning: What next in the Law

Author Alfred Denning
Publication Date South Asia Ed Reprinted 2020
ISBN 9780199692170
Soft Cover 
Publisher Oxford


In support of his claims, Lord Denning consults a broad range of sources. He covers a wide range of cases, such as the Russell baby, the Granada "mole," and the Harriet Harman case. These cases were chosen because, as he puts it, "the experience of the past points the way to the future." The book also addresses the law reform recommendations made by several Departmental Committees, Royal Commissions, and Blue Books—all of which were at the time of publication rejected by succeeding administrations.

Contents of Lord Denning: What next in the Law:

Part One.
Some great reformers
Part Two.
Trial by jury
Part Three.
Legal aid
Part Four.
Personal injuries
Part Five.
Part Six.
Privacy and confidence
Part Seven.
The Bill of Rights
Part Eight.
Misuse of power

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ISBN: 9780199692170

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