Malaysian Civil Procedure and Practice | by Ravi Nekoo


Malaysian Civil Procedure and Practice By Ravi Nekoo

Author Ravi Nekoo
Publication Date 2018
ISBN 9789674571320
Publisher CLJ Publications 
"Malaysian Civil Procedure and Practice" focuses on the procedural rules that govern civil practise and procedure in Malaysia.
The chapters in this Malaysian Civil Procedure and Practice have various distinguishing characteristics and are well-explained in simple and straightforward language. Each issue is supplemented with court forms and precedents that detail how to prepare a form using the procedural rule and applicable law.
At the end of each chapter, a flow chart and a handy tool known as the "Learn Through Questions" series is offered as a guide for readers to have a better knowledge of the procedural processes used in court. This book will be valuable to practitioners, students, and everyone working in or interested in the Malaysian civil court justice system.
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ISBN: 9789674571320

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