Malaysian Court Practice, 2019 Desk Edition, Appellate Court Practice | Soft Cover

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Malaysian Court Practice, 2019 Desk Edition, Appellate Court Practice

Author Datuk Dr. Prasad Abraham
Publication Date 2019
Format Softcover 
Publisher LexisNexis


Malaysian Court Practice has become the go-to resource for many practitioners since its first publication in 2013. It is an honest, if maybe daring, attempt to provide a handbook on civil procedure and court practise to Malaysia's legal profession.

Desk Edition of Malaysian Court Practice, 2019 - Appellate Court Practice is based on Divisions I–VI of the looseleaf work Malaysian Court Practice (Appellate Courts), which includes in-depth section-by-section commentary of the Courts of Judicature Act 1964, the Federal Court Rules 1995, the Court of Appeal Rules 1994, the Special Court Rules 1994, the Commissioners for Oaths Rules 2018, and Practice Directions. Its goal is to provide Malaysian practitioners with a handy sourcebook that compiles all local decisions into a single, fully indexed source and indicates which English and other precedents have been applied or are relevant in Malaysia's appellate courts, making access or recourse to any authority bearing on Malaysian civil procedure easier.

A huge number of tables and an index are included in the 2019 Desk Edition. All Malaysian practitioners and legal professionals will find the 2019 Desk Edition to be an invaluable resource. Every effort has been made to guarantee that the 2019 Desk Edition is complete and up-to-date as of September 2019.

Key Features of Malaysian Court Practice, 2019: 

• All of the divisions' cases, citations, and discussion have been revised.
• The latest amendments to the Federal Court Rules of 1995 [PU (A) 25/2018] and the Court of Appeal Rules of 1994 [PU (A) 26/2018] have been incorporated.
• The Oath Commissioners Rules 1993 have been replaced by the Oath Commissioners Rules 2018.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Malaysian Court Practice, 2019

• Table of Cases
• Table of Legislation
• Table of Subsidiary Legislation
• Table of Foreign Legislation
• Division I: Court of Judicature Act 1964 (Act 91)
• Division II: Rules of the Federal Court 1995
• Division III: Rules of the Court of Appeal 1994
• Division IV: Rules of the Special Court 1994
• Division V: Commissioners for Oaths Rules 2018
• Division VI: Practice Directions
• Index

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