Malaysian Insurance Law by Michael Philip


Malaysian Insurance Law BY Michael Philip Furmston & Cheah You Sum

Author Michael Philip Furmston & Cheah You Sum
Publication Date Aug 2018
ISBN 9789672049258
Format Hardcover + E-book
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Malaysian Insurance Law covers the three main categories of property insurance, life insurance, and marine insurance in depth.

The book serves as a handy, up-to-date guide on a technical subject for insurance professionals, and is equally useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as those seeking professional qualification through professional bodies such as the Malaysian Insurance Institute. It is written by authors with extensive industrial and research experience.

The following topics will be of particular interest to readers:

  • Insurable Interest - The impact of English law development on the development of law in Malaysia is discussed. Understand how to manage the confusing collection of regulations on insurable interest that result from a complex mix of common law legal principles and legislative provisions.
  • Utmost Good Faith - The effects of the Financial Service Act 2013's new legal requirements on topics like misrepresentation and non-disclosure, as well as the "base clause" in insurance contracts and the proportionality principle, are discussed.
  • Claims Management - Questions about the burden of proof and standard of proof in dealing with claims were clarified, notably the standard of proof to be discharged in rejecting fraud claims. Explanation of the "notice clause" in insurance contracts.

KEY FEATURES of Malaysian Insurance Law by Michael Philip:

  • Malaysian Insurance Law is covered in detail.
  • The Financial Services Act of 2013 is included in the comprehensive coverage of applicable legislative legislation.
  • Claims Management has its own chapter.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Malaysian Insurance Law by Michael Philip

Chapter 1: A Brief History of Insurance and Sources of Insurance Laws in Malaysia
Chapter 2: Formation
Chapter 3: Temporary Cover: Cover Notes
Chapter 4: Warranties
Chapter 5: Insurable Interest
Chapter 6: Misrepresentation and Non-Disclosure 
Chapter 7: The Principle of Indemnity
Chapter 8: Subrogation and Contribution
Chapter 9: Doctrine of Proximate Cause In Insurance
Chapter 10: Claims

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ISBN: 9789672049258

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