Malaysian Legal System, 2nd Edition by Ashgar Ali

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Malaysian Legal System, 2nd Edition

Author Ashgar Ali Ali Mohamed
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789674571498
Publisher CLJ Publications

The book 'Malaysian Legal System,' which has 36 chapters, covers the origins of the legal system in Malaysia before and during the British 'invasion' of the Straits Settlements, Malay States, and Borneo States. The sources of Malaysian law, the legislative process, the judicial doctrine of stare decisis at common law and Syariah, interpretation and construction of statutes, administration of justice, and the Legal Profession of the Civil and Syariah systems are all covered. This book also discusses the potential impact of artificial intelligence technologies on the legal profession, the transformation of legal education in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0), and a common grading method for law graduates seeking admission to the profession. The book also includes a step-by-step approach to conducting successful legal research, including an introduction to citing cases, statutes, books, journal articles, and electronic sources, among other things. Overall, as an all-encompassing treatise on the Malaysian Legal System given by writers who are specialists in their various fields of interest, this book is a wonderful source of reference.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Malaysian Legal System, 2nd Edition by Ashgar Ali

Chapter 1: Malaysian Legal System: An Introduction
Chapter 2: Legal Theory and Concept of Law
Chapter 3: Major Legal Systems of The World
Chapter 4: The Doctrine of Reception
Chapter 5: Doctrine of Terra Ullius: A Review of Mabo & Ors v. Queensland (No.2) Case
Chapter 6: Reception of English Law In Straits Settlements
Chapter 7: Reception of English Law In Malay States
Chapter 8: Reception of English Law In Sabah and Sarawak
Chapter 9: Current Application of English Law: Section 3, 5 and 6 of The Civil Law Act 1956
Chapter 10: Pride and Prejudice of Legal Imperialism with Reference to Presevering English Law In Malaysia: Making Sense The Doctrines of Reception and Subsequent Attraction
Chapter 11: Federal and State Constitutions 
Chapter 12: Legislation
Chapter 13: Islamic Law
Chapter 14: Customary Law
Chapter 15: The Law Reform (Marriage and Divorce) Act 1976 and Its Effects on Non-Muslim Customary Laws on Family Matters
Chapter 16: Statutory Interpretation
Chapter 17: Jurisdiction and Powers of The Civil Courts
Chapter 18: Specific Courts and Tribunal
Chapter 19: Stare Decisis and Ratio Decidendi
Chapter 20: Stare Decisis in Syariah
Chapter 21: The Judiciary and The Bar (Civil)
Chapter 22: The Judiciary and The Bar (Syariah)
Chapter 23: Basic Structure Doctrine and Its Application In Malaysia: With Reference to Decided Cases 
Chapter 24: Attorney General: Role and Powers
Chapter 25: Royal Commission of Inquiry
Chapter 26: Selected Complaint Resolution Bodies In Malaysia
Chapter 27: Civil Procedure 
Chapter 28: Criminal Procedure
Chapter 29: Evidence
Chapter 30: Legal Aid and Legal Advice Services 
Chapter 31: Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 32: Technology and Delivery of Justice
Chapter 33: Artificial Intelligence, Technologies and The Future of Law
Chapter 34: Legal Education In Malaysia: Paradigm Shift In The Era of Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0)
Chapter 35: Future of Legal Education In Malaysia: Towards A Common Bar Course
Chapter 36: Legal Research and Legal Citation


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ISBN: 9789674571498

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