Malaysian Legal Systems: Questions and Answers by Tunku Intan

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Malaysian Legal Systems: Questions and Answers

Author Tunku Intan Mainura Tunku Makmar Nizamuddin, Azni Mohd Dian and Siti Nuramani Abdul Manab
Publication Date Dec 2019
ISBN 9789672339236
Format Book
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Key Features of Malaysian Legal Systems: Questions and Answers:

  • An updated book that discusses significant elements of Malaysia's legal system.
  • contains a wealth of fundamental knowledge on Malaysia's legal system.
  • Written in a simple, understandable Q&A format to operate as a useful manual for comprehending the Malaysian legal system.
  • For ease of reference, authoritative cases and laws are supplemented by simplifications.
  • An excellent resource for kids who are revising for tests.
  • Written by Senior Lecturers with extensive backgrounds in the subject's teaching and research.

Understanding a nation's legal system is crucial for comprehending the steps and processes involved in implementing the law. Readers can learn the fundamentals of the Malaysian legal system from Malaysian Legal System: Questions and Answers, including information on the country's primary sources of law, the monarchy and constitutional supremacy concepts, the separation of powers, the doctrine of judicial precedent, the court system, the legislative process, alternative dispute resolution, and more.

Before exploring other areas of law, it is crucial to have a firm understanding of the legal system. For students and the general public, this book offers clear, thorough instruction on how to comprehend the current state of Malaysia's legal system and its evolution. This book should be a helpful revision tool for law students as they get ready to tackle the subject's test questions.

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