Malaysian Litigation Practice Guide


Malaysian Litigation Practice Guide

Publication Date 2005
ISBN 9789832631330
Format Softcover, 163 pages
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Litigation is an art form in and of itself. It is a crucial area of legal practise where issues are addressed, assessed, and arbitrated. In this stage, the attorney first encounters the prestigious judicial system and judges. Every lawyer who wants to practise litigation must learn it because it is not an academic subject.

A book called The Malaysian Litigation Practice Guide was produced expressly to serve as a manual for Malaysian litigators. This book offers tips and practical advice that can be used right away. The art of advocacy is also taught in length, as well as legal research methods.

Practice-specific topics such document organisation, language usage, the diary system, evidence tenders, pre-emptive remedies, discovery, and execution proceedings are handled in distinct chapters.

This manual is crucial for all aspiring litigators and chamber students.

Legal practitioners, academicians, chambering students, final year law students

ISBN: 9789832631330

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