Malaysian Practice Series - Law and Practice Of Civil Litigation In Malaysia | 2022

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Malaysian Practice Series - Law and Practice Of Civil Litigation In Malaysia By Robert Lazar 

Author  Robert Lazar
Publication Date Oct , 2022
Format Hardcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Quote from Foreword
“Lucid and practical, this is a work that should be on the self, and within easy reach, of every serious litigation practitioner.”
From the Foreword by
Datuk Darryl S C Goon
(Retired Judge of the Court of Appeal)


About the Law and Practice Of Civil Litigation In Malaysia :

This book is a thorough reference on Malaysia's civil litigation procedure. It offers thorough, in-depth, and well-researched guidance for the successful conduct of civil litigation. It was prepared to an unmatched standard by a team of expert contributors, many of whom are seasoned court litigators, under the direction of a General Editor who is an eminent and distinguished counsel.
The book discusses financial considerations, alternative conflict settlement, and the ethics of litigation. It was written with court attorneys in mind. This treatise's in-depth analysis, which is backed up by numerous citations to case authorities, relevant statute provisions, and pertinent practise directives, includes a wealth of invaluable knowledge to help its reader navigate the complexities of civil practise. To guarantee a solid understanding of all court proceedings, the 2012 Rules of Court regulations are applied with care. Post-litigation issues are thoroughly covered by appeals, enforcement, and execution, including bankruptcy and winding up.
Instructive checklists and practical sample documents have been added to this book to make it a comprehensive source of reference for the busy litigator. Together with the insightful commentary, these additions make this book a vital resource for a successful and productive civil litigation practise.

Key features of Law and Practice Of Civil Litigation :
  • Experienced and respected authorship with abundant practical experience.
  • Completely up-to-date and covers all key matters encountered in current litigation practice.
  • Clear and detailed commentary on substantive law, practice and procedure.
  • Contains thorough discussion and analysis of the Rules of Court 2012.
  • Provides a systematic examination and explanation of the processes involved in civil litigation in Malaysia.
  • Supported by instructive checklists which provide step-by-step guidance on processes which are especially procedural in nature.
  • Makes available helpful collection of forms and precedents commonly used in litigation.

Table Of Contents of Law and Practice Of Civil Litigation : 
1. Commencing Litigation 
2. Pleadings
3. Interlocutory Applications
4. Injunctions and Interim Relief
5. Documentary and Discovery Evidence 
6. Preparing for Trial           
7. The Trial
8. Advocacy at Trial
9. Disposal of Matters Without Full Trial
10. Negotiation, Mediation and Settlement
11. Withdrawal and Discontinuance
12. Costs
13. Appeals
14. Enforcement and Execution of Judgments and Orders (including Bankruptcy and Winding Up)
15. Arbitration-Related Matters
16. Ethical Matters

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ISBN: 9789672723707

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