Precedents & Forms Second Edition 6(1) Family

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Malaysian Precedents & Forms Second Edition 6(1) Family

Today, Malaysia's commerce machinery is even more ubiquitous and operates even faster. The second edition of Malaysian precedents & Forms is designed to address the demands of commercial or corporate practitioners in carrying out their responsibilities in the context of Malaysian commercial activities. This publication is intended to appeal to all groups of professionals in a certain subject or industry, regardless of legal experience or training.

Malaysian Precedents & Forms, which was once a loose-leaf publication, has now been upgraded to a bound volume in its second edition. Its goal is to provide a current sourcebook of non-contentious precedents and forms for Malaysian practitioners. In response to evolving practitioner needs, the title scheme for this Second Edition has been updated from the loose-leaf release.

Key Features of each volume are:

  • Each title has a commentary.
  • Where possible, use checklists and aids.
  • Relevant precedents and forms for each title.
  • A table of contents appears at the start of the title.
  • For all titles, there is a table of cases and statutes.
  • All titles have an index.
  • The many component sections are extensively cross-referenced.

The volume is extensive in scope, providing users with a user-friendly selection of model forms for numerous factual and situation permutations. The forms and precedents provided can be modified or combined to get the desired outcome. Each volume comprises one or more portions devoted to a specific subject title, including contributions from leading experts in the field.

The Second Edition of Malaysian Precedents & Forms is intended to be a practical and useful handbook for all non-contentious practitioners and professionals.

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