Malaysian Tort Law

Malaysian Tort Law

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Wan Azlan Ahmad & Mohsin Hingun
Publication Date Aug 2019


Hardcover + Ebook

Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell.
Adopting an analytical approach, this book presents a comprehensive coverage of tort law in Malaysia. Besides the tort of negligence which takes central focus, less common torts like wrongs in relation to legal process, breach of statutory duty, harassment, liability for animals and intentional tort to the person are given due coverage. Other popular areas of tort like nuisance, occupiers’ liability, defamation and product liability are provided careful consideration. The topics of vicarious liability, remedies and applicable defences are explored in depth to complete the discussion in this book.
The book endeavours to consider Malaysian tort law in light of development in major Commonwealth jurisdictions, covering matters that have and have not been considered by local appellate courts. Where specific issues are not covered by local precedent, the book attempts to point the way forward for the future development of Malaysian law, guided by judicial opinion and discussions of policy considerations overseas. 
The authors have drawn on their deep experience to meticulously analyse the law to prepare a text that will benefit practitioners, judges, judicial officers, academics and students.


1. Introduction
2. Intentional Tort to the Person
3. Intentional Tort to Land
4. Tort Over Goods
5. Defences to Intentional Torts
6. The Tort of Negligence: Duty of Care
7. The Tort of Negligence: Breach of Duty
8. The Tort of Negligence: Causation and Remoteness
9. The Tort of Negligence: Defences
10. The Tort of Negligence: Matters of Proof
11. The Tort of Negligence: Matters of Proof and Res Ipsa Loquitur
12. Nuisance
13. Strict Liability: The Principle in Rylands v Fletcher
14. Breach of Statutory Duty
15. Occupiers’ Liability
16. Product Liability
17. Vicarious Liability
18. Defamation and Malicious Falsehood
19. Wrongs in Relation to Legal Process
20. Harassment
21. Liability for Animals 
22. Miscellaneous Torts
23. Remedies in Tort


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