Mallal's Criminal Procedure, 8th Edition (Hard Cover)

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Mallal's Criminal Procedure, 8th Edition

Author Tan Sri James Foong and Tan Sri Zainun Ali
Publication Date Nov, 2020
ISBN 9789674009304
Publisher Lexis Nexis

Dr. Bashir Mallal's progressive editions of Mallal's Criminal Procedure have created an enviable and renowned reputation over the past fifty-five years. Dr. Mallal's goals of providing the legal profession with an authoritative and practical guide to the criminal procedure and practise of both the Superior and Subordinate Courts in Malaysia are continued in this eighth edition. All provisions of the Criminal Procedure Code are annotated in depth in Mallal's Criminal Procedure. These annotations, which are backed up by relevant authorities, explain and analyse key aspects of criminal procedure while also providing useful information like the history of each section and any parallels between the Indian Criminal Procedure Code 1973 and the Singapore Criminal Procedure Code 2010. They aid in a better understanding of criminal procedure and point the way to more research. The Comparative Table and the most recent statutory revisions to the Criminal Procedure Code that have become effective since the last version were published are also included in this edition.
Sections 1-445 of the Criminal Procedure Code are annotated in depth in Mallal's Criminal Procedure.

CONTENTS of Mallal's Criminal Procedure, 8th Edition (Hardcover)

Mallal's Criminal Procedure contains detailed annotations to sections 1-445 of the Criminal Procedure Code.
The annotations to each section have been organised according to the following:

(1) Scope (or synopsis) of section;
(2) Cross-references to statutes, encyclopedias and textbooks;
(3) Amendments
(4) Annotations

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ISBN: 9789674009304

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