Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition


Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

Author Michael J Willis
Publication Date Sep 2017
ISBN 9789672049654
Softcover + Ebook
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

Strata laws in Malaysia give management corporations statutory duties and powers. When living in strata complexes, owners must be involved to ensure that their investment, lifestyle, and financial well-being are preserved and enhanced. This book equips owners with the necessary tools. It communicates the meaning of the major provisions of the Strata Management Act 2013, as well as the Regulations and By-Laws made under it, in as straightforward a manner as feasible.

The author supplements explanations with educated commentary on the ramifications of the statutory provisions in this engaging work. Throughout the process, various specific and practical ideas for improving strata management practise are made. The material is significantly enhanced by the analysis and discussion. Comparisons with the situation in other jurisdictions are performed where applicable to determine best practises.

The author of Management Corporations in Malaysia has written an entertaining guide on the statutory framework that affects management corporations based on his experience as an owner-occupier of a condominium flat in Kuala Lumpur and his first-hand understanding of strata living in Malaysia.

The larger real estate business, including valuers, property managers, and developers, as well as state and federal land office/department officials, would benefit immensely from this book.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

Chapter 1    Key terms
Chapter 2    The operation of management corporations
Chapter 3    Common property maintenance
Chapter 4    Financial management
Chapter 5    Insurance
Chapter 6    Management corporation records
Chapter 7    Decision-making of a management corporation
Chapter 8    Management committees
Chapter 9    Building manager
Chapter 10  Responsibilities and entitlements of owners and occupiers
Chapter 11  By-Laws
Chapter 12  Resolving disputes and complaints

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ISBN: 9789672049654

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