Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

Management Corporations in Malaysia, 2nd Edition

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Management corporations have statutory duties and powers under Malaysia's strata laws. Owners, on their part, must be engaged to ensure that their investment, lifestyle and financial well-being are protected and enhanced when living in strata developments. This book gives owners the tools to do that. It expresses in as plain a language as possible the meaning of the key provisions of the Strata Management Act 2013 as well as the Regulations and By-Laws made under it.

In this readable book, the author supplements explanations with informed commentary on the implications of the statutory provisions. In the process, numerous specific and practical suggestions are provided on how to improve strata management practice. The analysis and commentary add significant value to the text. Where appropriate, comparisons are also made with the position in jurisdictions outside of Malaysia to discern best practices.

Drawing on his experience as an owner-occupier of a condominium apartment in Kuala Lumpur and his first-hand knowledge of strata living in Malaysia, the author has prepared an engaging guide on the statutory scheme which impacts on management corporations.

This book will greatly benefit strata property owners and prospective owners as well as professional, industry and consumer associations, the broader real estate industry including valuers, property managers and developers, and state and federal land office/department officials.