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McGregor on Damages 19th edition
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McGregor on Damages 19th edition

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The standard work and the leading authority on the law of damages for nearly 150 years, McGregor on Damages:

- Provides detailed explanation of how general principles apply to particular cases through analysis of case law
- Includes coverage of general principles, heads of damage, damages in contract and tort, human rights and procedure
- Has been written with great clarity and a logical structure, by the accepted authority in the area of damages
- Provides a navigable mini-table of contents at the beginning of each chapter
- Incorporates accessible chapters broken down by heads of damage and divided into many sections and sub-sections all usefully titled, making it easy to locate the information you need
- Highlights important recent changes and developments, with regular supplements to keep you up to date
- Is recognized as the leading text, and is often cited and relied upon by the courts

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Part 1
Object & Terminology
Chapter 2: The Object Of An Award Of Compensatory Damages
Chapter 3: Terminology used in Compensatory Damages Awards
Part 2
The Heads of Compensatory Damages
Chapter 4: Pecuniary Losses
Chapter 5: Non-Pecuniary Losses
Part 3
The Limits of Compensatory Damages
Chapter 6: The General Problem of Limits
Chapter 7: Reduction of Damages for Contributory Negligence
Chapter 8: Remoteness of Damage
Chapter 9: Mitigation of Damages
Chapter 10: Certainty of Damage
Chapter 11: Past and Prospective Damage

Chapter 12: Nominal Damages
Chapter 13: Exemplary Damages
Chapter 14: Restitutionary Damages
Chapter 15: Liquidated Damages
Chapter 16: Vindicatory Damages

Chapter 17: The Incidence of Taxation
Chapter 18: The Awarding of Interest
Chapter 19: The Effect of Changes on Value
Chapter 20: The Recovery of Costs, Damages and Fines Incurred in Previous Proceedings
Chapter 21: Damages in Actions Surviving Death

Chapter 22: The Measure of Damages in Contract & Tort Compared
Chapter 23: Sale of Goods
Chapter 24: Hire & Hire-Purchase of Goods
Chapter 25: Sale of Land
Chapter 26: Lease of Land
Chapter 27: Sale of Shares and Loan of Stock
Chapter 28: Contracts to Pay or to Lend Money
Chapter 29: Construction Contracts
Chapter 30: Contracts of Carriage
Chapter 31: Contracts of Employment
Chapter 32: Contracts of Professional and Other Services
Chapter 33: Contracts Concerning Principal and Agent
Chapter 34: Contracts of Warranty of Authority by Agent
Chapter 35: Torts Affecting Goods: Damage and Destruction
Chapter 36: Torts Affecting Goods: Misappropriation
Chapter 37: Torts Affecting Land
Chapter 38: Torts Causing Personal Injury
Chapter 39: Torts Causing Death
Chapter 40: Assault and False Imprisonment
Chapter 41: Statutory Torts: Discrimination and Harassment
Chapter 42: Malicious Institution of Legal Proceedings
Chapter 43: Misfeasance In Public Office
Chapter 44: Defamination
Chapter 45: Invasion of Privacy
Chapter 46: Economic Torts
Chapter 47: Misrepresentation
Chapter 48: Damages Under the Human Rights Act
Chapter 49: The Statement of Case
Chapter 50: The Trial
Chapter 51: Appeals



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