McGregor on Damages, 21st Edition (South Asian Edition)


McGregor on Damages 21st Edition By James Edelman, Simon Colton, Jason Varuhas

Author The Hon Mr Justice James Edelman, Dr Jason Varuhas; Simon Colton
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789393702494
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell

McGregor on Damages is still the top authority on damages and has been for over 50 years. It is a fundamental reference tool on the broad principles and specific components of common law damages.

McGregor on Damages, part of the Common Law Library, provides in-depth and complete discussion of the law, from a deep examination of broad principles to a thorough examination of specific areas of damages.

    McGregor on Damages 21st Edition Features List:
    • From deep treatment of broad principles to specific heads of damages, this book covers the law of damages in depth.
    • Complex issues including loss of a chance, mitigation, causation, and exemplary damages are clarified.
    • Examines concerns such as periodic payments and damages interest.
    • The statement of case, the trial, and the appeals are all covered.
    • Considers the following damages in relation to specific contracts, torts, and human rights:
    • Sale of Goods, Hire and Hire-purchase of Goods, Sale of Land, Contracts to Pay or to Lend Money, Contracts for Carriage and Contracts of Employment.
    • Torts affecting Goods: Damages and Destruction, Misappropriation, Torts Affecting Land, Torts Causing Personal Injury, Torts Causing Death, Assault and False Imprisonment, Malicious Institution of Legal Proceedings, Defamation, Economic Torts, Misrepresentation, Infringement of Privacy, and Misfeasance in Public Office are just some of the torts that can be brought against a person.
    Human Rights
    • Damages are sought in court to recompense someone who has suffered a loss, damage, or harm as a result of someone else's actions.

    TABLE OF CONTENTS of McGregor on Damages 21st Edition

    Chapter 1: The Mean The Meaning Of Damages And Compensation At Common Law And In Equity;
    Chapter 2: The Object Of An Award Of Compensatory Damages; 
    Chapter 3: The Terminology In Compensatory Damages and In Consequential Loss Clauses;
    Chapter 4: Pecuniary Losses;
    Chapter 5: Non-Pecuniary Losses; 
    Chapter 6: The General Problem Of Limits; 
    Chapter 7: Reduction Of Damage For Contributory Negligence 
    Chapter 8: Causation Of Damage, Scope Of Duty and Remoteness Of Damage;  
    Chapter 9: Mitigation of Damage; 
    Chapter 10: Certainty Of Damage , Presumptions Of Damage and Loss Of Chance ;
    Chapter 11: Past and Prospective Damage; 
    Chapter 12: Nominal Damages; 
    Chapter 13: Exemplary Damages; 
    Chapter 14: Licence Fee ( Negotiating And User) Damages 
    Chapter 15: Account and Disgorgement of Profits; 
    Chapter 16: Liquidated Damages and Penalties; 
    Chapter 17: Vindicatory Damages; 
    Chapter 18: The Incidence of Taxation; 
    Chapter 19: The Awarding of Interest; 
    Chapter 20: The Effect of Changes in Value; 
    Chapter 21: Cost, Damages And Fines Previous Proceeding 
    Chapter 22: Breach of Undertakings as to Damages; 
    Chapter 23: Damages in Actions Surviving Death; 
    Chapter 24: The Measure of Damages in Contract and Tort Compared; 
    Chapter 25: Sale of Goods; 
    Chapter 26: Hire and Hire-Purchase of Goods; 
    Chapter 27: Sale of Land; 
    Chapter 28: Lease of Land; 
    Chapter 29: Sale of Shares and Loan of Stock; 
    Chapter 30: Contracts to Pay or to Lend Money; 
    Chapter 31: Construction Contracts; 
    Chapter 32: Contracts of Carriage; 
    Chapter 33: Contracts of Employment; 
    Chapter 34: Contracts for Professional and Other Services; 
    Chapter 35: Contracts Concerning Principal and Agent; 
    Chapter 36: Contracts of Warranty of Authority by Agent; 
    Chapter 37: Torts Affecting Goods: Damage and Destruction; 
    Chapter 38: Torts Affecting Goods: Misappropriation; 
    Chapter 39: Torts Affecting Land; 
    Chapter 40: Torts Causing Personal Injury; 
    Chapter 41: Torts Causing Death; 
    Chapter 42: Assault and False Imprisonment; 
    Chapter 43: Statutory Torts: Discrimination and Harassment; 
    Chapter 44: Malicious Institution of Legal Proceedings; 
    Chapter 45: Misfeasance in Public Office; 
    Chapter 46: Defamation; 
    Chapter 47: Privacy, Confidence And Private Information 
    Chapter 48: Economic Torts and Intellectual Property Wrongs; 
    Chapter 49: Misrepresentation; 
    Chapter 50: Damages Under the Human Rights Act; 
    Chapter 51: Pre-Action Conduct, The Statement Of Case And Case Management To Trial ;
    Chapter 52: The Trial; 
    Chapter 53: Appeals
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      ISBN: 9789393702494

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