Minority Shareholders: Law, Practice and Procedure 7th Ed | 2024


Minority Shareholders: Law, Practice and Procedure, 7th Ed | 2024

Author Victor Joffe KC, David Drake, Giles Richardson KC, Daniel Lightman KC, Timothy Collingwood KC, Thomas Elias, Zahler Bryan
Publication Date March 2024
ISBN 9780192899637
Hard Cover 
Publisher Oxford


This well-established and authoritative work, now in its seventh edition, is the most comprehensive reference on the law concerning minority shareholders. With the increasing focus on corporate governance and the rising influence of shareholder activism, this book is the foremost resource for practitioners needing current, detailed information on the rights and remedies available to minority shareholders. It offers thorough and insightful coverage of section 994 petitions, derivative claims, just and equitable winding-up petitions, and the international aspects of shareholder disputes, as well as shareholders' personal claims against companies and their rights under the Companies Act 2006.

The seventh edition reviews all significant recent case law from the UK, including *Sevilleja v Marex Financial Ltd* on reflective loss, and *Loveridge v Loveridge*, *Re Westshield Ltd*, and *UTB plc v Sheffield Utd* on unfair prejudice. It also considers case law from other jurisdictions with similar shareholder provisions, particularly from Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Caribbean.

Contents of Minority Shareholders: Law, Practice and Procedure 7th Ed:

1:Directors' Duties
2:Derivative Claims
3:Personal Claims
4:Rights Conferred on Shareholders by the Companies Act 2006
5:Unfair Prejudice: The Statutory Remedy
6:Unfair Prejudice: Remedies and Valuation
7:Companies Act 2006, Section 994 Petitions: Procedure
8:Just and Equitable Winding Up
9:Foreign Aspects

About The Authors:

Victor Joffe KC, Mediator, Temple Chambers, David Drake, Lawyer, Serle Court, Giles Richardson KC, Lawyer, Serle Court, Daniel Lightman KC, Barrister, Serle Court, Tim Collingwood KC, Barrister, Serle Court, Thomas Elias, Barrister, Serle Court, and Zahler Bryan, Lawyer, Serle Court

Victor Joffe KC is a barrister previously associated with Serle Court in London and currently located at Temple Chambers in Hong Kong. His expertise lies in corporate law, particularly focusing on shareholder and internal disputes, corporate governance, protection of minority rights, directors' duties, and derivative actions.

David Drake is a barrister practicing at Serle Court in London, with a diverse chancery commercial practice covering company law, civil fraud, commercial litigation, and professional negligence.

Giles Richardson KC practices as a barrister at Serle Court in London, specializing in a wide array of commercial and chancery disputes.

Daniel Lightman KC is a barrister based at Serle Court in London, focusing on civil fraud, commercial litigation, professional negligence, and company law.

Timothy Collingwood KC practices as a barrister at Serle Court in London, with extensive experience in commercial and chancery matters, including breaches of duty and shareholder disputes.

Thomas Elias practices as a barrister at Serle Court in London, specializing in commercial chancery matters, particularly focusing on business disputes involving company law, breach of directors' duties, joint ventures, partnerships, insolvency, and intellectual property.

Zahler Bryan is a barrister practicing at Serle Court, with a diverse commercial chancery practice covering company law, commercial litigation, and contentious trusts. Prior to joining the Bar in 2012, Zahler attended Magdalen College, Oxford, obtaining a BA, MPhil, and DPhil before converting to law.

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ISBN: 9780192899637

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