Modern Advocacy - Perspectives from Singapore


Modern Advocacy - Perspectives from Singapore

Author Eleanor Wong, Lok Vi Ming SC and Vinodh Coomaraswamy SC (general editors)
Publication Date Jun 2008
ISBN 9789810807764
Publisher Singapore Academy of Law


A book on trial advocacy, Modern Advocacy, was published by Singaporean attorneys for Singaporean attorneys. The book provides a fascinating look into the activities and methods used by Singaporean activists. It is a remarkably original piece of work, not only because it fills a need in the market (which up until now relied on general primers from other jurisdictions) by offering a book on advocacy with a local flavour, but also because of the calibre of its contributors and General Editors. This work was produced in collaboration with no fewer than 17 Senior Counsel, a retired Judge of Appeal, two High Court Judges, and a previous Best Oralist (championship round) winner of the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition.

The result of which is a reputable text that deals in depth with particular aspects of trials or parts of trials, various forms of advocacy (such as criminal, appellate, and ADR), and broad, overview questions with tips and advice on achieving success, achieving a healthy work-life balance, dealing with the media, and abiding by the unwritten but crucial Code of Etiquette.

The experiences and examples of good practise that the contributors freely offer are what give this book its intrinsic value. There are specific instances of how broad concepts might be applied in a Singapore court or case, and there is extensive discussion of the many methods that counsel may employ at various stages of a case as well as the specific factors that may influence outcomes. Every contributor's chapter maintains their individual oratory flair.

Modern Advocacy is essentially a look inside the heads of Singapore's legal eagles, a chance for aspiring advocates to pick the brains of successful advocates, an eye-opener for those interested in learning more about Singapore's trial procedure, and an enjoyable book for others to wind down with.

CONTENTS Of Modern Advocacy - Perspectives from Singapore

Chapter 1 One Man’s Experience
By Joseph Grimberg SC

Chapter 2 Case Theory
By K Shanmugam SC and Ang Cheng Hock

Chapter 3  Pleadings
By Kenneth W K Tan SC

Chapter 4 Advocacy in Interlocutory Applications
By Steven Chong SC

Chapter 5 Preparation for Trial
By Alvin Yeo SC

Chapter 6 Affidavits, Examination-in-Chief and Re-examination
By Tan Kok Quan SC

Chapter 7 Cross-examination
By Davinder Singh SC

Chapter 8  Expert Witnesses
By Lok Vi Ming SC

Chapter 9 Evidence and Admissibility
By Vinodh  Coomaraswamy SC

Chapter 10 Opening Statements
By Harry Elias SC

Chapter 11  Closing Submissions
By Tan Chee Meng SC and Evangeline Poh

Chapter 12 Criminal Advocacy I - The Pre-trial Stage
By Michael Khoo SC

Chapter 13 Criminal Advocacy II - The Trial
By Sant Singh SC

Chapter 14 Advocacy in Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution
By Quentin Loh SC

Chapter 15 Appellate Advocacy
By L P Thean

Chapter 16 Advocacy for the Long-haul
By Philip Jeyaretnam SC

Chapter 17 Ethics and Etiquette
By Chelva R Rajah SC

Chapter 18 Relations with the Media
By Leslie Chew SC

Chapter 19 The Good Advocate - Some Uncommon Pointers
By The Honourable Justice Woo Bih Li

Chapter 20 Overview from the Bench
By The Honourable Justice Choo Han Teck

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ISBN: 9789810807764

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