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National Land Code | A Commentary 2019 Desk Edition (E-book)

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National Land Code | A Commentary 2019 Desk Edition (E-book)  By Judith Sihombing

This edition looks at recent decisions, including case law from other jurisdictions, on the National Land Code, and analyses their relationship to the operation of the Code. In particular, references are made to cases in contract law, and equity, trusts and remedies, which are influential and relevant in the operation of land matters. This is especially so, where the cases are applicable to the principles of statutory contract law and to local influences on equitable principles. Recent legislative amendments made in the last several years are accompanied by explanatory commentary on the need for the amendments and their application. This title also considers the concept of indefeasibility in detail, along with interests or rights in land which are outside the scope of the Code, that could be dealt with in contract, but is given some relevance to land ownership.


Chapter I - Background to Present Day Land Law in Peninsula Malaysia
Chapter II - Torrens System in Peninsular Malaysia
Chapter III - Land Contracts
Chapter IV – Chapter XLII - Sections 1 – 447
Chapter XLIII - Penang and Malacca
Chapter XLIV - Personal Law Transactions and Proprietary Interests





 Author Judith Sihombing
Publication Date 2019
ISBN 9789674009236

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