Offences Against Persons and Property by Lee Chong Fook & Che Audah Hassan | 2009


Offences Against Persons and Property by Lee Chong Fook & Che Audah Hassan | 2009

Author Lee Chong Fook & Che Audah Hassan
Publication Date 2009
ISBN 9789675371196
Format Softcover
Publisher LexisNexis
"Offences Against Persons and Property" serves as an introductory guide to the criminal offenses against individuals and property, as outlined in the Penal Code. These offenses represent the primary types of crimes that are reported to and investigated by law enforcement agencies.
This book includes updates to the Penal Code brought about by the Penal Code (Amendment) Act 1993 (Act A860), which took effect in September 1993, as well as Act A1131 in August 2002, Act A1210 in March 2007, and Acts A1273 and A1303 in September 2007. For convenience, it also includes a table of cases, a table of legislation, and an index of keywords.

Students and readers seeking a foundational understanding of this legal subject will find the book's straightforward and succinct text easy to comprehend. Where necessary, the text refers to provisions in the Indian Penal Code and pertinent legal cases.

Table of Contents of Offences Against Persons and Property | 2009:

  • Chapter 1 Murder
  • Chapter 2 Culpable Homicide, Exceptions and Death by Rash or Negligent Act
  • Chapter 3 Non-Fatal Offences
  • Chapter 4 Rape and Unnatural Offences
  • Chapter 5 Wrongful Restraint, Confinement and Kidnap
  • Chapter 6 Theft, Extortion and Robbery
  • Chapter 7 Criminal Misappropriation, Criminal Breach of Trust and Cheating
  • Chapter 8 Offences Relating to Stolen Property
  • Chapter 9 Trespass and House Breaking

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ISBN: 9789675371196

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