Parameswaran Law Relating to Power of Attorney, 7th Edition

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Parameswaran Law Relating to Power of Attorney, 7th Edition

Author C.A S K Kataria
Publication Date 2022
ISBN 9788195294589
Format Hardcover
Publisher LexisNexis 


S. Parameswaran's "Law Relating to Power of Attorney" has been appreciated by Padma Vibhushan (Retd.) Justice V R Krishna Iyer as a must for every lawyer and attorney and a service to the lawyer and the lay alike, which may legitimately claim a place not merely in the libraries of advocates or lawyers, but also of all other allied professionals and the mercantile community.

Now in its Seventh Edition after thorough revisions, and updations, it is the most authoritative work on the Powers of Attorney Act, 1882 (7 of 1882) and a plethora of related statutes, on the laws relating to civil, contractual, commercial, company, and business matters, and properties, stamp duty, registration, evidence, crimes, banking, arbitration, taxation, litigation, suits & proceedings.

This edition contains most exhaustive coverage of statutory provisions, judicial decisions, over 135 specimens or model forms of Powers of Attorney (PoA), Vakalatnamas or Memorandums of Appearance from the official website(s) of the Central & State government(s), the Supreme Court, jurisdictional High court(s), district courts, e-courts, tribunals, ministries, and public offices.

This work is an indispensable practical handbook and practice guide for powers-of-attorneys, solicitors, recognized agents, lawyers, advisors, property & real estate consultants & developers, authorised representatives, chartered accountants, company secretaries, companies, the mercantile community, litigants, courts, tribunals, the bench and the bar.

About The Author

C.A S K Kataria, B.Com, LL.B, F.C.A., is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) and a practicing chartered account-ant. He also serves as Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Commit-tees at the nomination and remuneration committees and stakeholder rela-tionship committees on the boards of listed companies.

He is renowned Author of Law Books with over 37 years'.

He has authored multiple law books with his experience and expertise of over 37 years in Company Law, Income-tax-law, Banking Law, and Deeds & Documents.

ISBN: 9788195294589

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