Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law By Caroline Morris


Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law By Caroline Morris

Author Caroline Morris 
Publication Date May 2012
ISBN 9781849461474
Publisher Hart Publishing

Parliamentary elections are the bedrock of a democratic state, giving the government credibility and allowing citizens to participate in the political process. However, despite the importance of elections in government and society, the law that governs them is fractured, both philosophically and legally.

This book covers each stage of the electoral process from the standpoint of a candidate seeking election to the House of Commons: eligibility and qualification, candidate selection, nominations, contested elections, and finally, disqualification or exit from the House of Commons. Each stage of the process is examined in light of recent developments in political practise and human rights law, with a case made for rethinking and reforming the law governing parliamentary candidacy and membership.

The book considers the reforms ushered in by the 2009 parliamentary expenses scandal, as well as the potential for a new electoral era under the Liberal Democrat-Conservative Coalition Government.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Parliamentary Elections, Representation and the Law

1 Parliamentary Comings and Goings
2 Mapping out Representation Theory and the Law
3 Candidate Eligibility Laws
4 Controverted Elections
5 Challenging Candidate Selection in the Courts
6 Removal from Parliament
7 Reconceptualising and Reforming Electoral Law


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