Penal Code (Act 574) [As At 15th August 2023]

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Penal Code (ACT 574)

[As At 15th August 2023]

An Act relating to criminal offences.

Detailed Contents of Penal Code (Act 574):

Malaysia's criminal laws are outlined in the Penal Code (Act 574) statute. It was passed in 1936 during the British colonial era and has subsequently undergone numerous revisions. The 511 parts of the Criminal Code are broken down into 23 chapters.

The broad principles of criminal law are outlined in Chapter 1 of the Penal Code, along with the definition of a "offence," how crimes are classified as felonies or misdemeanours, and the concepts of criminal culpability.

Individuals' criminal culpability is covered in Chapter II of the Penal Code, along with the definitions of "intention" and "knowledge" and how these terms are used to describe a variety of crimes.

Treason, sedition, and waging war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong are only a few of the crimes against the state that are included in Chapter III (the King of Malaysia).

Crimes against public order, such as rioting, affray, and unauthorised assembly, are covered in Chapter IV.

Perjury, contempt of court, and interfering with public officials are only a few of the crimes covered in Chapter V's section on crimes related to the administration of justice.

Public servant-related offences, such as corruption, misbehaviour, and offences committed by public employees, are covered in Chapter VI.

Crimes against property, such as theft, extortion, robbery, and criminal misappropriation of property, are covered in Chapter VII.

Infractions against the person, such as harm, grave harm, unlawful restraint, kidnapping, and culpable homicide are covered in Chapter VIII.

Blasphemy, defiling houses of worship, and inciting animosity among religious groups are only a few of the offences that are covered under Chapter IX of the Penal Code.

Bigamy, adultery, and cruelty by a husband or wife are only a few of the marital offences covered in Chapter X.

Libel and slander offences, as well as other defamation-related crimes, are covered in Chapter XI.

Offenses involving documents and money, such as forgery, counterfeiting, and possession of fake money, are covered in Chapter XII.

Cheating, fraudulently withdrawing property, and dishonestly inducing surrender of property are only a few of the trade- and commerce-related offences covered in Chapter XIII.

Election-related offences like bribery, improper influence, and personation are covered in Chapter XIV.

Rape, trafficking in women and children, and cruelty to children are only a few of the crimes against women and children that are included in Chapter XV.

The topic of unnatural offences, including homosexuality, is covered in Chapter XVI.

Crimes involving aiding and abetting and criminal conspiracy are covered in Chapter XVII.

The offences connected to attempts to commit offences are covered in Chapter XVIII.

Criminal trust breach offences are covered in Chapter XIX.

Offenses involving disobedience of directives from public officials are covered in Chapter XX.

Offenses connected to efforts to commit crimes that are subject to life in prison or other harsher penalties are covered in Chapter XXI.

The punishment of offences, including the use of various forms of punishment, is covered in Chapter XXII.

The ability of the courts to compensate crime victims is covered in Chapter XXIII.

The Penal Code offers a thorough framework for Malaysia's criminal justice system. It lays forth the numerous crimes that may be committed, the associated penalties, and the guiding principles of criminal responsibility that should guide everyone's behaviour. To address concerns like the criminalization of homosexuality, which is viewed as antiquated and discriminatory, there have been proposals for the Penal Code to be changed. The administration has said it is open to such modifications, but any adjustments would need to be properly thought through to make sure they are in line with the values of justice and the defence of individual rights.

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