Personal Injury Reports (Consolidated Tables 2019–2023)

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Personal Injury Reports (Consolidated Tables 2019–2023)

Author Thomson Reuters Legal Editors
Publication Date Apr 2024
ISBN 9786297527789
Hard Cover, 828pp
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The Personal Injury Reports (PIR) encompass numerous decisions and settlements regarding claims arising from personal injury and fatalities. These cases span a broad spectrum of awards issued by various courts, including the Sessions Courts, Magistrates’ Courts, High Court, and Court of Appeal.

This edition of the PIR Consolidated Tables has been compiled to serve as a comprehensive and convenient reference for all cases reported in the Personal Injury Reports between 2019 and 2023. Together with its predecessors, the PIR Consolidated Tables 2007–2012 and the PIR Consolidated Tables 2013–2018, this volume offers a thorough and inclusive index to access the entirety of information within the Personal Injury Reports. The tables and data have been meticulously organized to facilitate swift and effortless research.

For ease of navigation, the PIR Consolidated Tables 2019–2023 is segmented into four parts:

1. Anatomical Illustrations: This section provides anatomical diagrams for reference, aiding in the identification of different anatomical parts and types of fractures.

2. Table of Reported Cases (Alphabetical): This table lists all reported cases alphabetically by their case names and parties' names in reverse, facilitating quick access to specific cases.

3. Table of Reported Cases (By Court): This section offers an alphabetical compilation of cases adjudicated by the Court of Appeal, High Court, Sessions Court, and Magistrates’ Court.

4. Quantum Table: The Quantum Table serves as a concise reference guide, categorizing court awards based on injury type and providing citations for cross-referencing with specific cases in the published volumes of the Personal Injury Reports.

The PIR Consolidated Tables 2019–2023 is an invaluable resource that complements the practice of every personal injury practitioner, aiding in their success and efficiency.

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ISBN: 9786297527789

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