Phipson on Evidence, 19th Edition


Phipson on Evidence, 19th Edition By Hodge M Malek

Author Hodge M. Malek, Jonathan Auburn, Roderick Bagshaw, et al
Publication Date Dec 2019
ISBN 9788194792260
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The leading work on civil and criminal evidence is Phipson on Evidence. It delves into all areas of the principles and methods that make up evidence law.

The admission of evidence, the standard of proof, witness attendance, good and bad character, legal professional privilege, hearsay, expert evidence, confessions, judicial discretion, and a variety of other evidential concerns are all covered.

Key features of Phipson on Evidence, 19th Edition:-

  • The most authoritative work on civil and criminal evidence, often cited in court.
  • Written by a distinguished group of experienced authors, with a good blend of top practitioners and academics.
  • The Civil Procedure Rules and the Criminal Procedure Rules have been completely updated.
  • Examines all facets of the complicated ideas and procedures that make up evidence law.
  • Examines how evidence is admitted.
  • Examines the burden of proof and the standard of proof.
  • Examines evidence obtained or served before to a trial, the rules of evidence used during the trial, and witness examination.
  • Discusses the positive and negative qualities of character.
  • Includes an examination of privilege and facts that are suppressed by governmental policy.
  • Examines the use of hearsay in civil and criminal cases.
  • Examines the use and admission of expert and opinion evidence.
  • Extrinsic evidence is examined for exclusion and inclusion.
  • The judicial discretion to admit or exclude evidence is examined.
  • Considers a wide spectrum of case law, including Commonwealth precedent.

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