Pleadings Without Tears: A Guide to Legal Drafting Under the Civil Procedure Rules, 9th Edition


Pleadings Without Tears: A Guide to Legal Drafting Under the Civil Procedure Rules, 9th Edition By Roger Eastman (Author), William Rose (Contributor)

Author Roger Eastman (Author), William Rose (Contributor)
Publication Date 2017
ISBN 9780198838630
Publisher Oxford University Press


Pleadings Without Tears has established itself as one of the most popular publications on practical legal drafting in litigation. This new ninth version has been completely revised to reflect all changes to the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) from the previous edition.

Pleadings Without Tears gives a practical and analytical look into legal drafting, allowing the reader to gain confidence in tackling this often overly intimidating subject. It concentrates on key abilities and fundamental rules while explicitly addressing each stage of the process, and it goes beyond a simple listing of important precedents and authority. This book urges the reader to give full consideration to brief and unambiguous identification of the subject matter of the action, the issues of the case, and the parties' different perspectives on those issues by providing clear examples of how to spell up essential matters with clarity and accuracy.

The light and amusing manner, along with rigorous analysis and explanation, makes it easy for the reader to gain a thorough understanding of drafting.

New to this Edition of Pleadings Without Tears:

  • All procedural concerns have been fully updated.
  • All instances have been updated to reflect current limitations and other legal developments such as jurisdictional constraints.
  • Increased cross-references to particular sections of the CPR, as well as the removal of references to pre-CPR law.
  • Dealing with Litigants in Person pleadings has been updated significantly.
  • Updates to substantive law references in opinions are critical.
  • Litigation and tactical advise that is more practical.
  • This section contains current Court Forms models.

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