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Protection of Well-Known Trade Marks in Malaysia

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Author Tay Pek San
Publication Date Jun 2007




Publisher: Sweet & Maxwell

In today's international and competitive marketplace, well-known trade marks have acquired the status and recognition as important assets of any corporation that owns them. Well-known trade marks are commercial magnets because they have the ability to attract the purchasing public towards products bearing the marks. The commercial magnetism of well-known trade marks renders them attractive targets of unscrupulous traders whose activities can cause damage to owners of well-known trade marks. A severe form of damage, apart from confusion as to the origin of the products, is the dilution of well-known trade marks. The essence of this damage is the harm done to the selling power or advertising function of trade marks. Protection of Well-Known Trade Marks in Malaysia is the first book written in Malaysia on this specialised area of trade mark law. It analyses and evaluates the adequacy of Malaysian trade mark law in providing an appropriate level of protection for well-known trade marks. Discussing the common law and statutory protection of well-known trade marks, and drawing on the experience of the scheme of protection available in the United Kingdom as well as the United States, this book points out the way forward in protecting well-known trade marks in Malaysia.

Legal practitioners facing specific issues on the protection of well-known trade marks in Malaysia will find this book immensely useful. Similarly, in-house counsel of corporations owning trade marks will find this book illuminating in giving them a more detailed understanding on how they can protect their well-known marks.

This book will be a valuable addition to the legal literature necessary for lawyers, intellectual property practitioners, trade mark agents, in-house counsel, branding professionals, as well as academicians and students of intellectual property law.


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