Public International Law: A Practical Approach, 4th Edition (Student Edition)


Public International Law: A Practical Approach, 4th Edition (Student Edition) BY Professor Dr Abdul Ghafur Hamid

Author Professor Dr Abdul Ghafur Hamid @ Khin Maung Sein
Publication Date Jun 2019
ISBN 9789672187769
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


  • The "juridical basis of international law" has been revised.
  • Revisions to a discussion on the popular issue of "countermeasures."
  • The link between international and national law has been updated.
  • Insights into the "right of peoples to self-determination."
  • Discussion of sovereign immunity has been updated.
  • Subjects on "oral undertakings" and "unilateral statements of States capable of imposing legal duties" have been introduced as new topics.
  • Rewritten discussion of the new Territorial Sea Act of 2012, as well as a study of the contentious dispute over territorial sea natural resource entitlement.
  • A new debate has erupted around the Islamic understanding of human rights.
  • In comparison to the traditional concept of humanitarian intervention, a new debate has erupted around the recently formed concept of "duty to protect."
Due to the rapid evolution of international law, this new version of Public International Law: A Practical Approach has been considerably rewritten and enlarged from the previous edition, which was produced about a decade ago, to keep up with global trends in international law.
This book, written by an experienced academician with many years of expertise in this field, provides clear insights into Malaysia's position on numerous areas of international law in particular and the prevalent principles of international law in general. It examines contemporary developments in international law, as a result of new national and international statutes and decisions, as well as the Malaysian government's recent transition.
This book is a comprehensive and dependable source of information on public international law, written specifically for students and professionals. It includes numerous references to treaties, international agreements, judicial decisions, and papers published in a variety of magazines.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Public International Law: A Practical Approach, 4th Edition (Student Edition)

Chapter 1: The Nature and Development of International Law
Chapter 2: The Sources of International Law
Chapter 3: The Relationship Between International and National Law
Chapter 4: The Subjects of International Law
Chapter 5: State Territory
Chapter 6: State Jurisdiction
Chapter 7: Immunity from Jurisdiction
Chapter 8: The Law of Treaties
Chapter 9: The Law of State Responsibility
Chapter 10: International Law of the Sea
Chapter 11: International Human Rights Law
Chapter 12: The Law of the United Nations
Chapter 13: Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes
Chapter 14: Legal Regulation of the Use of Force
Chapter 15: International Humanitarian Law

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ISBN: 9789672187769

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