Public International Law Simplified By Hunud Abia Kadouf


Public International Law Simplified By Hunud Abia Kadouf and Abdulfatai Oladapo Sambo

Author Hunud Abia Kadouf and Abdulfatai Oladapo Sambo
Publication Date Aug, 2017
ISBN 9789672049425
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell 

Globalisation is a major issue in today's globe, as interactions between and among states, international organisations, non-governmental organisations, and multinational enterprises are becoming more common. Public international law governs the behaviour of the many subjects of international society in their interactions.

The subject of public international law is complex and involves a variety of sources, many of which are difficult to comprehend for a student, layperson, or newcomer. This book provides as a concise overview of the legal ideas that govern public international law. It is concerned with the set of rules and regulations that govern the legal relationships between states and international organisations.

Beginners, especially those studying the topic, might use it as a quick reference and review guide. The general public and non-professionals who are interested in the workings of public international law and seek to be armed with the basic information and principles of the topic will find all chapters to be written in the most straightforward and simple manner possible.

The writers have used their extensive teaching experience to create this very readable book that aims to clarify and enable a quick knowledge of the basic concepts of public international law. Where applicable, the broad reference list provides useful pointers for further reading and study.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Public International Law Simplified

Chapter 1: Preliminary Issues on International Law
Chapter 2: Sources of International Law
Chapter 3: The Relationship between International Law and National Law
Chapter 4: Subjects of International Law
Chapter 5: State Territory
Chapter 6: State Jurisdiction
Chapter 7: Immunity from Jurisdiction
Chapter 8: The Law of Treaty
Chapter 9: The Law of the Sea
Chapter 10: International Human Rights 
Chapter 11: The Law of the United Nations
Chapter 12: Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes
Chapter 13: International Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict

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ISBN: 9789672049425

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