Q & A On Labour Laws In Malaysia

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Q & A On Labour Laws In Malaysia

Author Latiff Sher Mohamed
Publication Date November 2006
ISBN 9789832631767
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


This book's cover displays more than 750 frequently asked questions on labour law, along with the answers. Referring to the information in this book will give the user helpful advice on how to handle labour law concerns that come up in the course of a human resource practitioner's daily work.

The author has compiled these really important concerns and provided applicable solutions and answers to them by drawing on his wide knowledge. The detailed responses, which can only be provided by having had a great deal of practical experience, greatly increase the value of the book. The answers and explanations are reinforced, when necessary, with quotations from pertinent statutory language and case law.

The questions are divided into key headings that each contain one or more questions, which are then arranged alphabetically throughout the book to enable simple usage.

The book Q & A on Labour Laws in Malaysia should be very helpful for human resource professionals, business directors, line managers, and employees.

Readership: human resource practitioners, company directors, line managers and employees

Jurisdiction: Malaysia

ISBN: 9789832631767

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