Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences: Law & Practice, 6th ed

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Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences: Law & Practice, 6th ed

Author His Honour Judge Peter Rook; Robert Ward
Publication Date Oct 2021
ISBN 9780414089297
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell
“This book shines a penetrating—indeed brilliant—light on this rapidly evolving landscape....It is difficult to see how anyone involved in these cases will be able to discharge their function properly without this text lying somewhere close at hand. I commend it without reservation.”
- Lord Justice Fulford, Vice President of the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) on the 5th Edition -

Rook & Ward, the most authoritative work on sexual offences, covers the most recent law, including crucial judgements relating to the Sexual Offences Act 2003 and significant changes in evidence, practise, and procedure. It is a necessary tool for all those engaged in the prosecution, defence, and trial of sexual offence cases, including lawyers, police officers, and medical professionals.

The 6th edition updates the work to reflect all recent advancements, including new chapters on:
  • Sexual abuse based on images.
  • In the military, sexual offences are common.
  • Scotland's sexual offences
  • Sexual offences and violence are classified as international crimes.
  • A new chapter has been added to help those conducting Parole Hearings examine and rehabilitate those guilty of sexual offences after they have been sentenced.

TABLE OF CONTENTS of Rook and Ward on Sexual Offences: Law & Practice, 6th ed :

1. Rape
2. Sexual assaults and sexual activity without consent
3. Offences against children under 13
4. Child sex offences
5. Abuse of position of trust
6. Familial sex offences
7. Sexual offences against those with a mental disorder
8. Indecent photographs of children
9. Offences of child abduction
10. Sexual exploitation of children and adults
11. Modern slavery and trafficking
12. Street and online prostitution
13. Brothel keeping and related offences
14. Preparatory offences
15. Offences against public decency
16. Image-based sexual abuse
17. Prosecuting rape and serious sexual offences – CPS policy and decision-making
18. Disclosure
19. Evidence: general
20. Evidence of bad character
21. Medical evidence: adults
22. Medical evidence: children
23. Psychological effects of rape and serious sexual assault
24. Expert evidence
25. DNA evidence
26. Restrictions on evidence or questions about the complainant’s sexual history
27. Vulnerable witnesses, “special measures” and related matters
28. Advocacy and the vulnerable
29. Anonymity in sex cases and reporting restrictions relating to children and young persons
30. Historic cases
31. Sexual offences in the youth court
32. Sexual offences in a military context
33. Sexual offences in Scotland
34. Sexual offences in Northern Ireland
35. Sexual violence and offences as international crimes
36. The sentencing of sex offenders: the definitive guideline
37. Sentencing of sex offenders: general
38. Notification and notification order
39. Sexual harm prevention orders and sexual risk orders
40. The assessment and rehabilitation of people convicted of sexual offences after sentencing

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