Salinger on Factoring, 6th Edition | 2020


 Salinger on Factoring, 6th Edition

Author  Simon Mills, Noel Ruddy
Publication Date Mar 2020
Format Hardcover
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


The legal and practical aspects of factoring and invoice financing are addressed in Salinger on Factoring, which is famous for its highly pragmatic approach. It combines a thorough understanding of the law with clear instructions on how to apply it. For almost 30 years, this book has served as the go-to resource for this complicated field of law. It offers a thorough analysis of and guide to the legal issues that emerge from domestic and international factoring.

  • A thorough explanation of the law and practise of factoring and invoice financing
  • discusses the different ways that factoring can benefit businesses, including their uses and applications.
  • examines the history and principles of contemporary factoring
  • examines the advantages and drawbacks of factoring, as well as its proper use and abuse.
  • examines the relationship between the factor and the debtors, taking into account both standard collection methods and any necessary legal action in the event that they fail
  • highlights the unique factors that apply to foreign factors and examines international factoring.
  • Examines the legal framework of factoring, the clauses in factoring agreements, and the typical forms of agreements. Conflicts with third parties are taken into account.
  • examines the debtor's ability to offset and counterclaim
  • Examines how bankruptcy may affect a factor's, client's, or debtor's rights.
  • ponders the use of credit insurance and how it might affect the conditions of the factoring contract and the insurance policy
  • includes a glossary, a library of model documents, and
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ISBN: 9780414067592

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