Sarkar: Law of Evidence, 20th Ed. (Indian)

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Lexis Nexis’s Law of Evidence–In India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma,Ceylon, Malaysia & Singapore (2 Volumes) By Sarkar – 20th Edition 2020.

Author Sarkar 
Publication Date 2020
ISBN 9789389991475
Publisher Lexis Nexis

This legal classic, first published in 1913, has dominated the legal world for decades. Sarkar's commentary on the Indian Evidence Act discusses and demonstrates the Act's provisions in a clear, thorough, and systematic manner. This legal classic is the most useful resource on the issue, having been widely mentioned in Supreme Court and High Court decisions. It is the most widely praised and authoritative section-by-section commentary on the subject, including all judicial and legislative events in India as well as common law jurisdictions such as Bangladesh, Singapore, and Pakistan. Judges, attorneys, law businesses, judicial academies, police training academies, institutional libraries, students, teachers, and researchers will all benefit from this book.

Key Features of Sarkar: Law of Evidence, 20th Ed:

• Addresses current issues as well as legislative changes.
• Contains significant developments, particularly in the area of electronic record evidence, decisions relating to the use of DNA for establishing or disproving paternity of a child and other purposes, and different paradigms of applying established principles of law of evidence to various factual matrices.
• Contains a critical analysis of Indian court rulings that have resulted in legal reform and progress.
• Examines the provisions of Evidence law not just in India but also in countries such as the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, and Ceylon.

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ISBN: 9789389991475

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