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Scale of Justice (Large) 

Scales of justice (symbol), scales held by Lady Justice symbolizing the measure of a case's support and opposition

Introducing our majestic Brass Scales of Justice, a symbol of equilibrium and impartiality in the legal realm. Meticulously crafted with precision, these grand scales, held by the iconic Lady Justice, stand at an impressive 26 cm in height and span 37 cm in length.

Crafted from high-quality brass, these scales are not only an embodiment of elegance but also a testament to enduring strength. The sizable dimensions make a bold statement, commanding attention and serving as a focal point in any legal setting.

At 26 cm in height, these scales tower with authority, emphasizing the gravity of justice in every case. The 23 cm length provides ample space for intricate detailing, showcasing the artistry behind the craftsmanship. This larger scale of justice is designed to capture the essence of balance and fairness on a grand scale.

Ideal for law offices, courtrooms, or as a distinguished gift for legal professionals, the Brass Scales of Justice become a tangible representation of the principles that guide our legal system. The substantial size ensures that they become a conversation piece, sparking discussions about the profound significance of justice in society.

Elevate your legal environment with the grandeur of the Brass Scales of Justice—a commanding presence that not only adds a touch of sophistication but also serves as a powerful reminder of the weighty responsibilities borne by those in pursuit of truth and fairness. Order this substantial symbol today and make a bold statement in the pursuit of justice.

Size:  26 H(CM)23 L(CM)

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ISBN: 72827950

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