Shackleton on The Law and Practice of Meetings, 15th Ed


Shackleton on The Law and Practice of Meetings, 15th Ed

Author Madeleine Cordes; John Pugh-Smith
Publication Date South Asian Edition 2023
ISBN 9789395696463
Hard Cover 
Publisher Sweet & Maxwell


Shackleton on the Law and Practice of Meetings stands as a primary resource concerning the legal and practical aspects of company, charity, and public sector gatherings. It furnishes a comprehensive outline of the legal framework alongside detailed guidance on the necessary preparations, execution, and conclusion of meetings. This resource caters to the daily needs of legal professionals, company secretaries, administrators, clerks, directors, local authorities, and any entity holding formal meetings.

Highlighted Features:
- Examines the legal implications of both public and private meetings.
- Addresses the practical considerations when organizing and overseeing meetings.
- Deals with specific meeting types like board, committee, shareholder, and public sector meetings.
- Explains various resolution types and their passage within meeting contexts.
- Offers guidance on maintaining order and ensuring fairness during meetings.
- Directs readers to relevant statutory requirements under the Companies Act 2006 and other pertinent legislation.
- Encompasses meetings across different charitable organization structures.
- Considers principles like natural justice and the public sector equality duty in relation to information access and attendance, including online meetings accessible by the public.
- Provides practical examples and checklists for conducting company meetings.
- Explores the powers, duties, and roles of directors within meeting settings.
- Offers guidance on the conduct of meetings at all levels of local government.

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ISBN: 9789395696463

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