Singapore Trusts Law | 2021


Singapore Trusts Law | 2021

Author Christopher Hare & Vincent Ooi
Publication Date August, 2021
ISBN 9789814892872
Format Softcover 
Publisher LexisNexis


From its English origins, Singaporean trust law has evolved significantly. Singapore Trusts Law today has its own rich jurisprudence that draws on the greatest legal thought throughout the Commonwealth while maintaining its own character thanks to the successful establishment of an indigenous legal system in Singapore. Though the Singapore courts are prepared to deviate from them where they are inappropriate for the local environment or when there are conflicts on principle, developments in English law continue to be persuasive. The goal of this book is to explain Singaporean trust law as it is at the moment. Where applicable, particular attention has been made to cite regional cases, laws, and scholarly writing. This book aims to be an accessible resource for individuals starting out in the field while also providing more in-depth analysis at certain points. It is intended that it will be helpful for both practitioners and students.

Table of contents of Singapore Trusts Law

1. Equity and Trusts in Singapore
2. Basic Requirements for Express Trusts
3. Beneficiaries
4. Creation of Express Private Trusts
5. Trusts, Powers and Other Dispositive Mechanisms
6. Non-Charitable Purpose Trusts
7. Unincorporated Associations
8. Charitable Trusts
9. Resulting Trusts
10. Constructive Trusts- Overview
11. Common Intention Constructive Trusts
12. Remedial Constructive Trusts
13. Quistclose Trusts
14. Trustees
15. Fiduciaries and Fiduciary Duties
16. Following and Tracing
17. Rights Against Third Parties
18. Remedies

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